You're Next Unless You Speak Up Now...

Jan 26, 2021

Make no mistake: The Democrats’ desire to impeach Donald Trump is a step in their agenda to silence YOU. It’s time to stop this unlawful and vindictive impeachment. Take heart – the attempt to intimidate and silence God-fearing, patriotic citizens will backfire. -Mat

The best way to get an urgent message to key senators is through Liberty Counsel’s targeted faxing program. Congressional fax machines cannot be turned off, so targeted officials cannot ignore you. Senators urgently need to hear from you, demanding that they not subvert the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. Send your urgent fax now.

For years, Capitol Hill, media and Hollywood socialists have tried to silence Americans who dared raise their voices in support of our Republic, our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values.

Long before the 2020 election took place, liberal talking heads made clear their intention was to silence the American majority.

  • In 2016, Hillary Clinton famously maligned all who followed Donald Trump as “deplorables.”
  • In 2018, unhinged media commentator Reza Aslan insisted that Trump supporters and advisors should be “eradicated” from existence.
  • In 2019, radical Washington Post opinion columnist Jennifer Rubin insisted Donald Trump and the entire Republican party must be “burned down” so that voters could never elect them to power again.
  • This month, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), proposed a bill to bar from the Armed Services or federal jobs anyone supporting Donald Trump or who publicly voiced concern about the 2020 election fraud!

Send your urgent fax to senators and demand they stop this unconstitutional impeachment.

The radicals’ intent is very clear – Trump and anyone who does not agree with the Democrat’s socialist agenda must be silenced and punished. Rubin notes that if Republicans win future elections, they will see it as an affirmation of their beliefs.

Instead of seeing elections as the voice of the people that are to be respected as such, Jennifer Rubin would rather the voice of the people be forcefully silenced if it differs from her political orthodoxy.

And that is exactly what congressional Democrats and a few feckless Republicans are plotting right now through the unconstitutional second impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

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Impeachment of former office holders is unconstitutional...

The U.S. Constitution is unquestionably clear on the purpose and limits of the impeachment of a president:

Article 2 Section 1 states: "The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years..."

Article 2 Section 4 states: "The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

According to the plain language of the Constitution, impeachment may ONLY be used against a person currently in office.

We MUST make our voices heard or this travesty will destroy the rule of law in our nation. Even if you have done so before, please send a fax to key leaders in the U.S. Senate and make them hear the voice of the people on this crucial issue! Also, sign our petition link at the bottom of this email.

Political elites are not simply impeaching Donald Trump -- they are impeaching YOU -- the conservative American voter.

It’s time to tell Washington – ALL of it, including errant Republicans – WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. Select here to send YOUR fax NOW!

You may have heard that Democratic Senator, Patrick Leahy, will preside over the impeachment trial. This fake trial is like what happens in communist countries. But this is America, and I am outraged!

After President Trump, will the Democrats impeach former Republican office holders to eliminate future competition? Are Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley next on the chopping block?

Plain and simple – it is unconstitutional to impeach a former president! We need to flood senators with faxes and petitions.

As you know, Liberty Counsel is defending life, liberty and Judeo-Christian values in many intense court battles, not the least of which are our many cases defending pastors and churches from criminal charges, massive fines, and jail time for simply opening and attending church!

Yesterday, we received an odd ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on our California church case. Right now, we are preparing to return to the Supreme Court. I will update you later this week.

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Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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