What History Teaches About Freedom...

Jan 11, 2021

What has history taught us about the foundation of freedom? What is the first target of repressive regimes? We are fighting to preserve the Republic by defending pastors and churches in America, and what we do here has global impact of tremendous importance. Please, read on. -Mat

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Throughout history, tyrants have targeted the Christian church for destruction. The Roman Empire, the USSR, modern China and every dictatorial despot since the first century tried to silence the church... and with good reason.

The Bible tells us why in words that ring true today: “For Liberty, Christ has made us free.”

Christians love freedom, and that freedom comes from God. The People of the Book understand freedom. The words of Moses echo through history: “Let my people go!”  Our faith rests in a place far above and far more powerful than earthly entities.

Throughout the ages, no matter how repression of speech or the written word was being used, pastors faithfully preached truth to the masses. The church bypasses the manipulative fear, control and “social engineering” techniques governments have deployed to control them.

God’s people have always been the target of tyrants. The former USSR turned churches into museums, China bulldozes them and now overt threats against the church have come to America.

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Tyrants, whose vanity will not allow another voice – not even God’s – to compete with their own, are silencing God’s people and shuttering His churches. They want no god but the state.

As you know, we are in multiple courts defending churches, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • In California, it is ILLEGAL to worship for 99.9% of the population. ALL WORSHIP IS BANNED – INDEED, IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE!
  • In Illinois, politicians are threatening to seize and destroy an immigrant church facility for daring to meet with more than 10 people.

But we are not simply defending the Word of God here in America. The impact of our work is being felt around the world. Let me explain...

Many of the churches and pastors we are currently representing in church closure cases have massive international ministries. And when I say “massive,” I mean REALLY massive!

  • Andrew Wommack Ministries of Colorado has reached over 1 billion people across the planet.
  • Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of The River Church began his ministry in South Africa before coming to America, and his message continues to resonate throughout all of Africa.
  • Pastor Cristian Ionescu of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church has a worldwide following of Romanian readers who were scattered across the planet after escaping the brutal anti-God communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
  • Pastor Ché Ahn's Harvest International Ministry (HIM) includes 65,000 associated churches worldwide with a special emphasis on Asia.

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Silencing these U.S. based ministries affects not only the faithful churchgoers in their state, but also tens of millions of people worldwide who depend on these ministries.

America is a lighthouse to the world. If our light grows dim, the impact is felt globally. A few days ago, I was communicating with a large Korean church association affiliated with HIM. The pastors have been following our case and hope to use it as leverage in their own country to restore freedom!

Our legal work defending religious freedom is impacting Christian churches around the globe.

As a faithful supporter of Liberty Counsel, you are helping keep religious freedom free here in the United States. And you are also bringing light around the world!

YOUR generous support means that these brave pastors can fight for freedom wherever their influence is felt. Our legal services are always 100% free, thanks to you.

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Finally, please continue to intensely pray for our nation.

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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