What I Learned in 1992 Helps Me Today...

Jan 8, 2021

In June 1992, following a bad decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, I was depressed and very disappointed for two to three days. But after spending time in prayer, my disappointment turned to inspiration and resolve. Over the next few years, I pioneered a new, winning legal angle and returned to the High Court. From that moment in 1992, I learned that disappointment must give way to resolve and hope must displace discouragement.

While we face many challenges to our freedom with more on the horizon, we were born for this moment in history. And the God we serve is the same God that Moses, Esther, Daniel and so many others relied upon to do what they could not. Read on to learn what is next. -Mat

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This week has been a disappointment from what we had hoped. I know many of you are discouraged and some of you are angry. That is understandable. No matter what people do or the media says, the fact remains that the election was not fair. From our research, fraud was rampant in several states.

We cannot and will not pretend nothing happened. Rest assured, we are working on a project to end election fraud once and for all. We will be unveiling an Election Integrity Project we have been developing for weeks.

Election integrity is crucially important because it affects ALL our rights. As long as an election can be stolen, our rights can be just as easily stolen… and that loss of liberty has been unfolding before our eyes throughout 2020 and still continues.

While Liberty Counsel will continue to fight for election integrity, we remain at the very forefront of the battle for freedom in America – especially religious freedom. As you know, the attacks on our freedom during the pandemic have been unprecedented...

  • In California, it is ILLEGAL to worship for 99% of the population.
  • In Illinois, politicians are threatening to seize and destroy an immigrant church facility for daring to meet.
  • In Kentucky, an entire congregation was put on the equivalent of house arrest for attending an outdoor, stay-in-your-own-car, parking lot Easter Sunday church service.
  • In Virginia and Maine, rogue, lawless governors continue to restrict churches, keeping Christians away from worship, while keeping abortion factories running with no restrictions.

In many of these cases, our client pastors, staff, and parishioners face criminal charges or threats with the penalty of jail and massive fines… for coming together for worship.


On Monday, I presented oral argument before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of Pastor Ché Ahn, Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry (HIM). Yesterday, we filed a Supplemental Brief following oral argument, and I expect to have a ruling next week. I will update you as soon as the court issues its ruling.

This case is critically important, because not only will the ruling affect the many California Harvest Rock and HIM churches, but it will impact every church and synagogue in the Golden State. Moreover, since Harvest International Ministry has 65,000 churches worldwide, many of these pastors and churches are following our case in the hope they can use it to bring freedom to their countries.

There is cause for hope because we are winning...

  • In Florida, we got all charges dropped against the first pastor in America arrested for opening his church.
  • In Colorado, our work caused Gov. Jared Polis to repeal his illegal and unconstitutional restrictions against all houses of worship, including our client, Andrew Wommack Ministries.
  • And our case defending the immigrant Romanian churches of Illinois is the first church closure case ready to be heard by the Supreme Court.

We serve a God with whom nothing is impossible...

In times of uncertainty, I am certain of one thing – nothing is impossible with God.

Throughout history, the Christian church has been the last and the best resistance to ungodly governmental authority. That’s because Christians love freedom and pastors can speak directly to their congregants, bypassing the manipulative fear and control techniques employed by ungodly rulers. Tyrants cannot allow another voice to compete with their dictates! They want no god but the state.

The same is true in America right now. The fact is, the Christian church is the last bastion of true freedom in our nation today. Without the voice of Christians in our society, America will rapidly become an anti-God, anti-family, anti-life, Marxist state. Without the Christian church, the Marxists and secularists will completely dominate and control.

Our fight for churches and religious freedom is at the foundation of freedom. We will never give up!

And God is abundantly showing his surpassing grace…

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I urge you to stay focused on God and not the "giants" in the land. Remember what our Savior told us: "I am with you always."

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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