432,000 PA Trump Votes "Removed"

Jan 5, 2021

432,000 Pennsylvania votes were suspiciously “removed” from President Trump’s tally, says a team of data scientists. Read on to learn the latest.

Send your urgent fax—which includes hard evidence of election fraud—to the desks of our legislators and urge them to take action now. -Mat

Every day that passes, more information and evidence reveal the way in which the 2020 U.S. election was stolen from the American people.

In a shocking report delivered to the press, data scientists from an organization known as the “Data Integrity Group” detail the shocking “removal” of votes from President Trump. According to the group's analysis, 432,000 votes across at least 15 Pennsylvania counties were removed from President Trump’s “win” column. The stolen votes came from both mail-in ballots and Election Day “live” votes.

Make your voice heard inside the offices of our U.S. legislators. Urge them to object to the election results, investigate, and support only an honest candidate.

The “live” vote removals happened during the vote tabulation process in Lehigh County, Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Chester County, Westmoreland County, Northampton County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Lackawanna County, Dauphin County, Pike County, Carbon County, Washington County, Erie County and Luzerne County.

Meanwhile, absentee votes were removed in Allegheny County, Chester County and Lehigh County.

All in all, at least 432,116 votes were removed: 213,707 election day votes and 218,409 absentee votes.

“There were vote movements across all candidates. However, we did not see the same type of negative decrements to any of the [other] candidates that we saw with President Trump’s tallies, and they happened repeatedly with no explanation,” said group member Lynda McLaughlin.

In other words, while all other candidates vote tallies were going up, President Trump’s votes mysteriously were going down. Such a situation can never happen in an honest incremental tabulation like counting votes.

But Pennsylvania isn’t the only state with documented stolen votes...

In Georgia, the group said it found more than 30,000 votes had been removed from Trump, while an additional 12,173 GA Trump votes were illegally switched from Trump to Biden.

As you know from my previous emails, the evidence of election fraud is staggering. In nearly every swing state, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, the election tallies are tainted by fraud.

In fact, several states have submitted “dueling” slates of electors – one set for Trump and one set for Biden.

Because of the unmistakable fraud, as well as the “dueling electors,” a number of House members and senators plan to formally dispute the certification of the electoral college votes.


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Your faxes really are working, by the way! Our office received a call from a sitting U.S. Congressman (who shall remain un-named) on Monday morning. The Congressman had received over 11,000 faxes this weekend – enough to “break his fax machine” - from Liberty Counsel members demanding election integrity. Our strategy is working, as this Congressman now says he “stands with us.”

As you know, Liberty Counsel has been deeply entrenched in the fight for election integrity these past two months. One of our attorneys was on the ground in Pennsylvania and we have staff members collecting evidence and doing in-depth research. All this, as we continue to defend brave pastors criminally charged and facing fines and jail time… for simply holding church.

The fight for freedom didn’t stop in 2020. We have much more work to do in this New Year -- not just fighting for election integrity, but also defending religious freedom, First Amendment rights and, of course, the fight for the lives of preborn babies in America.

Later this week, I will update you about my oral argument yesterday at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of California churches.

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Finally, may the Lord bless you and keep you in this New Year and all the year through!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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