Legislatures Move to Decertify Over Election Fraud

Dec 2, 2020

Three state legislatures are considering measures to withdraw their secretaries of states' certifications of the 2020 presidential election. Such actions would have a big impact on the election. Read on to learn how the Constitution addresses these contingencies. - Mat

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A handful of state governors and secretaries of state are actively pressing forward to certify the election despite the serious allegations of fraud. The PA legislators have introduced a Resolution overviewing the many voting irregularities and the complete disregard of the state's election law by the Democrat secretary of state. The Resolution goes on to urge the U.S. Congress to declare the selection of the presidential electors to be in dispute.
The Arizona legislators are considering a similar action. Even as the Arizona legislature was holding hearings on election fraud Monday morning, the governor and secretary of state held a press conference announcing their personal certification of a Biden victory.

As you know, Liberty Counsel has been working to ensure our elections are free, fair, and transparent. In the contested 2000 election litigation of Bush v. Gore, our offices focused on nothing but election litigation for five solid weeks until the disputes were resolved.

In 2020, we also have staff dedicated to investigating and documenting election fraud, providing legal and constitutional analyses and one of our attorneys is on the ground actively working on the contested Pennsylvania election.

Through our own investigations, as well as thorough review of the now mountains of credible evidence and sworn affidavits signed under penalty of felony perjury, we have found that the 2020 presidential election was marred by widespread irregularities and fraud.

Now, the state legislatures are fighting back!

A growing number of legislatures, upon holding hearings and reviewing the evidence themselves, are moving to wrestle back the electoral power granted them by the Constitution.
Monday morning, the Pennsylvania State Legislature proposed a Resolution concerning the certification of electors.

The Resolution identifies multiple areas in which Democrat Secretary of State Boockvar willfully violated Pennsylvania law to enact her own illegal election measures. As a result of these activities, as well as evidence indicating widespread fraud, the Resolution instructs the Congress to "declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute."

The Electoral Count Act, established in the aftermath of another contested election, established that all election disputes, investigations and lawsuits must be completed before a state may certify its electors.

In other words, should the electoral votes not be decided by December 14, and more particularly by January 3 when the new U.S. Congress is sworn in, then the election is in "dispute." Then the Twelfth Amendment requires the election be resolved by each state delegation getting one vote.

Currently, there are a number of election fraud lawsuits pending in the courts of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. Additionally, the legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona are actively conducting election fraud hearings.

None of these disputes have been resolved as the law requires. As noted above, if the election remains in dispute by early January, the dispute is resolved by each state casting one vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. More state legislatures are controlled by Republicans than Democrats.

Arizona legislators are also considering a Resolution to withdraw their secretary of state's certification of the vote. And the Michigan legislature is also reportedly considering de-certifying their secretary of state's certification.

In a future email, I will overview the shocking vote spikes for Biden that occurred AFTER the polls were closed. These spikes are statistically impossible.

As we fight for free, fair and transparent elections, we continue to defend the pastors, churches and parishioners facing arrest, criminal charges, fines and jail time for attending church.

We have two church cases pending at the Supreme Court and we may hear about one of them this week. Yesterday, we filed our Reply Brief at the Supreme Court regarding our request for emergency relief from the NO WORSHIP orders of CA Gov. Newsom. This order now covers 99.1% of the state!

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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