America's Churches Are in Marxism's Ugly Crosshairs

Nov 27, 2020

Statewide shutdowns and forced church closures and restrictions are back as power-drunk governors and lawless state officials return to the bully tactics, fear and force to close churches and steal our freedom. Read on to learn more. -Mat

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Throughout history, tyrannical rulers have closed churches, persecuted Jews and Christians and meted out punishment for non-compliance with their edicts. Retributions have been imposed because people of faith refused to bend to a tyrant's wishes.

In today’s America, there is a clear pattern – the worst restrictions on churches and individual freedom come from governors and mayors who are rabidly pro-abortion. Those who do not respect human life do not respect your freedom.

Liberty Counsel is aggressively defending the victims of this oppression. Our cases exemplify the lawlessness of this "new age of tyranny" all too well.

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In Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker, along with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, towed and impounded the cars of neighbors who live around Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church, blocked the church parking lot, and even threatened to destroy church buildings through "Summary Abatement" if they worship with more than 10 people. This case is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom shut down ALL WORSHIP for much of California, which included home Bible studies and fellowship with anyone who does not live in the home. Violators face up to one year in prison and huge fines. Our client Pastor Ché Ahn of Harvest Rock Church, the staff and parishioners face daily criminal charges and fines any time they enter the church for a religious meeting. Our case is pending at the Court of Appeals. And an emergency injunction, which would prevent Newsom from taking any further action against our client until the courts rule, has been requested at the U.S. Supreme Court.

In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam established a hotline urging people to report fellow citizens who violate his illegal orders. Our client, Pastor Kevin Wilson of Lighthouse Fellowship Church, was criminally charged for having 16 people in a 293-seat sanctuary on Palm Sunday. The case is ongoing.

In Maine, Gov. Janet Mills banned parking lot and in-person worship. Violators, like our client Pastor Ken Graves of Calvary Chapel of Bangor, face criminal charges, fines and jail time for opening church to serve the pastor’s flock. This church has an incredible substance abuse ministry where men and women stay onsite for 12 months. Bible study and worship at the church is essential. The case is pending at the Court of Appeals.

In Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear put every attendee of Maryville Baptist Church’s Easter Sunday stay-in-your-own-car parking lot service under 14-day involuntary, forced home confinement. Beshear continued his tyrannies, despite warnings from his own Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney General and three separate courts. Beshear continues to insist he, and he alone, is the arbiter of religious freedom in his state. The case is ongoing.

Liberty Counsel is defending each of these brave pastors, churches and churchgoers in seven state and federal lawsuits. And with some states reimposing lockdowns, our workload is increasing!

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No Thanksgiving this year -- that is, if you follow the new dictates of CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. He decreed the Thanksgiving meal must be eaten outside, in less than two hours, in single servings using disposable items, with six-foot distancing in all directions, and that no more than three households and guests may briefly use the restroom only if it is sanitized between each use. This is the same governor who decreed NO WORSHIP but then blesses the state’s rioters and says, “Keep doing it!”

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have repeatedly harassed observant Jews. The pair have publicly threatened to permanently close synagogues. And Mayor de Blasio even took to Twitter to brag about disrupting a Jewish funeral rite. 

Thankfully, there are champions willing to stand against this tyranny. Thanks to YOU, we are there to help them.

The future of the Supreme Court has dramatically changed.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett has replaced judicial activist and eugenicist Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I am excited to get our cases before this reconstituted Supreme Court. This comes just in time for two our church cases (CA and IL) pending at the Supreme Court. On December 11, the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear the full case for our Illinois Romanian immigrant churches. This will be the first church closure case in the nation ready to be fully heard on the merits. And our California case of churches is also before the High Court requesting an emergency injunction. The battle is intense, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Pray for America. The religious freedom upon which we were founded is at severe risk. Pray that America remains One Nation Under God!

God bless you,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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