Vital Religious Freedom Cases on Court's Docket

Oct 14, 2020

Perhaps as never before, religious freedom is on the docket at the Supreme Court. The Amy Coney Barrett hearings going on right now in Washington may well determine whether we remain free to practice our faith as God, rather than government, commands. Christianity and Judeo-Christian values are at risk of being continually targeted and even criminalized. Read on to learn what is at stake, through the lens of Liberty Counsel’s many cases that could well be decided by the Supreme Court. -Mat

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and the Founders codified religious freedom in the Constitution. But there are efforts to erase our moral underpinnings and steal our religious liberty. Over the course of this last year, one threat stands out like no other – the forced removal of religion from society, and in particular the silencing of Jews and Christians.

This last year, pastors have been arrested for holding church. Churchgoers have been arrested for, essentially, attending Easter Sunday services. Orthodox Jewish ceremonies have been forcibly broken up by power-mad elected officials.

Cities run by lawless officials have threatened to seize and destroy church buildings, simply because they host church meetings. Government agencies have sought to force religious organizations to abandon their most basic religious beliefs, and local governments have even made seeking Christian counseling illegal.

And a woman running for the second highest office in the land -- funded by pro-abortion behemoths -- began the process that criminally charged an undercover Christian journalist for exposing a crime so heinous that even pro-abortion advocates want to silence reports from the trial. That “woman” is Kamala Harris, and the undercover journalist is our heroic pro-life client Sandra Merritt, who exposed Planned Parenthood’s gruesome “Baby Parts for Sale” scheme.

There is no denying the trend at work here – anti-god forces are trying to criminalize Christianity.

This year, the docket of the Supreme Court of the United States is loaded with religious freedom cases. If Judge Amy Coney Barrett is not confirmed, the Court will split 4-4 on these cases, meaning the bad lower-court rulings will continue to stand. One case involves a Christian adoption and foster care ministry that may have to close its doors or bow to the LGBT agenda.

In other words, without Judge Amy Coney Barrett on the High Court’s bench, religious freedom in America will lose -- as will life, and much more.

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Let’s look at just some of the vital cases coming before the Court this term which seek to criminalize Christianity and remove faith from society:

In Fulton v. Philadelphia, the Court will consider if a city can force a religious adoption and foster agency to place innocent, even religious, children into LGBT homes—even when doing so is in direct opposition to the core values of the ministry, the religious principles of its leadership, the stated desires of the birth parents and the values of the individual child.

One of our “change counseling” cases will be presented to the High Court. These counseling bans make it illegal for people to choose counsel to overcome unwanted gender confusion and attractions.

Additionally, our case representing Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church and Logos Baptist Ministries of Illinois, will be the first church restrictions case to be presented to the Supreme Court requesting full review. As you may recall, Illinois officials threatened to seize and destroy church buildings should the devoted pastors continue to hold church.

And, as always, there are several abortion cases that will reach the Court.

What America does now with the Supreme Court will determine the fate of generations to come.

Will America remain the “home of the FREE and the brave”?

Will America embrace or reject our Judeo-Christian underpinnings?

Will religious freedom in America continue to exist at all?

I am greatly concerned that if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is not confirmed to the Supreme Court, the answer to all of the questions above will be “NO” and the criminalization of Christianity now taking place on local and state levels will become the law of our entire land... forever.

The fact is, our religious freedom is on the Supreme Court docket this year.

That’s why it is so critically important that we push as hard as possible to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

This year is an election year, so YOUR input right now, has even more influence than usual over politicians trying to keep their Senate seats. PLEASE, take advantage of this situation and fax the Senate NOW and send a petition.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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