Court Tomorrow, Please Pray!

Sep 8, 2020

We will be in a federal Court of Appeals tomorrow where we will present oral arguments in our case against ME Gov. Mill’s outrageous anti-Constitutional demands. Your prayers and support are needed now! - Mat

In one of the worst religious freedom abuses in the country, radical Gov. Janet Mills of Maine banned all religious gatherings, even thoroughly "social distanced" drive-in worship services in which attendees stay in their own cars.

As part of her attempt to shutter churches and silence God's people, Gov. Mills decreed that pastors and congregants who defy her illegal, unconstitutional orders will face criminal charges and daily fines — all for exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to religious freedom. And the Maine State Police, acting under the direction of Gov. Mills, publicly declared that they would enforce the orders and threatened to arrest those found in violation, including any gathering for worship, regardless of whether the church meets or exceeds the CDC social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

But Gov. Mills gave free rein for liquor stores, major retail stores, supercenters, and even Planned Parenthood's abortion centers — which she declared to be "essential."

That's a double standard, a nearly textbook case of discriminatory treatment, as well as a gross violation of the First Amendment.

And while Gov. Mills said she may allow churches to reopen in the future, ONLY the churches she authorizes would be allowed to open their doors. Those lucky (and compliant) churches would be granted a governor's badge to be displayed at their door announcing to the world the church is authorized by the governor!

This is a blatant and OUTRAGEOUS violation of the First Amendment — which is absolutely clear — NO government may establish a church, nor may the government prevent churchgoers from attending church This is in fact directly from a 1947 U.S. Supreme Court opinion—but that is exactly what Gov. Mills did.

In announcing her Authorized-to-Open church badge program, Gov. Mills effectively established a state church. And in banning all forms of worship, even socially distanced "drive-in parking lot" services, Gov. Mills prevented Maine churchgoers from exercising their freedom to worship God.

Pastor Ken Graves, of Calvary Chapel Bangor, ME said NO WAY. Gov. Mills might consider churches non-essential, but this godly pastor knew better.

"We are among the most essential things that must remain open. Wiser governments in the past actually looked to the churches to gather and pray and to pool their resources in times of crisis. The government has told the church that it is irrelevant and that it offers nothing. I reject that. We are not irrelevant, and we have more to offer than our governor apparently realizes," said Pastor Graves.

"The government wrongly presumes to have the authority to violate our constitutionally guaranteed and God-given rights to freedom of religion and peaceful assembly," he concluded.

The language chosen by Gov. Mills' order plainly reveals the Christian church and houses of worship are in fact being targeted for discrimination. That's why Liberty Counsel filed suit, and now our case has reached the First Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of Pastor Graves and Calvary Chapel.

As I said above, we will be delivering oral arguments before the court in this case tomorrow, and I would truly appreciate your prayers.

As you know, Liberty Counsel is defending churches (over 160 in CA alone) in five separate federal lawsuits against the anti-god governors of Maine, California, Illinois, Kentucky, and Virginia. We will soon file a major lawsuit in Colorado. More about that later this month.

Each of these governors, (who all happen to be Democrat and radically pro-abortion), have tried to shutter God's churches and silence God's people. And each of these governors opening encourage and support tens of thousands of rioters, while placing their heavy hand on houses of worship.
But we at Liberty Counsel will continue to fight, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, to ensure every American's right to religious freedom remains FREE and unencumbered by godless governors and tyrannical bureaucrats.

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Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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