Gov't Spies in Churches and More...

Aug 26, 2020

Did you ever imagine in America there would be government spies in your church with the intent of closing it? Did you ever imagine government officials and local judges would deem worship or singing to be “illegal”? Neither did I, but it is happening. Read on to learn more about the perilous state of religious freedom in America. -Mat

California has issued the worst edicts in the nation against churches. CA Gov. Gavin Newsom first ordered no singing and chanting and then banned ALL worship, which includes Bible studies and fellowships in private homes.

But some California churches, pastors and congregants know that they must obey God. And that Caesar has no authority over the church.

Now, several of the pastors who chose to obey God rather than illegal, unconstitutional government edicts are being punished.

On August 7, Ventura County court issued a restraining order against Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel and “Does 1-1000,” along with anyone “acting in concert with them” who might worship in the future.

On August 21, the same court held Pastor McCoy in contempt. Godspeak Calvary Chapel has been fined 3,000 dollars so far – at the rate of 500 dollars for each worship service. New fines will be levied for every future service and the pastor could face prison if the people continue to worship.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara County officials sent “spies” to North Valley Baptist Church, looking for reasons to fine and close the church. The church was fined a total of 10,000 dollars for meeting and SINGING in each of the church’s two services last Sunday - 5,000 dollars for each service.

County officials posted a four-page letter on the front door of the church, in which the county admitted sending the spies into the church service and declared their worship “unlawful.”

Did you ever think America would reach a point at which singing praises unto our Lord would be an “unlawful” act worthy of a 5,000 dollar fine per incident? Or that government officials would send spies into a church with the intent of shutting down that church?

North Valley Baptist complied with Newsom’s orders for a long time. But after 26 weeks, in a county with 2.1 million people, only 224 have died – a third of which were in nursing homes. The massive death toll Newsom and other scaremongers predicted never arrived.

During that time, North Valley Baptist...

  • Stopped having in-person worship services
  • Closed the K4 through 12 Christian school
  • Closed the college that trains men and women from all over the country
  • Closed the bus ministry that has brought 1.5 million people to church
  • Closed the jail ministry
  • Closed the public-school ministry
  • Closed ministry to 14 rest homes
  • Closed door-to-door visitations
  • Closed hospital visitations
  • Closed all children’s ministries
  • Closed Sunday School.

Pastor Jack Trieber said, “Little children and parents are weeping. They want to come to church. You can’t make laws against the church. We have the right to worship. But more than a right from the Constitution, we have a command from God.”

“I’m in charge of the spiritual health of the people in this city and this area. Health is important but spiritual health is supreme. And because we have been locked out of this county’s churches...

...suicide is up, domestic violence is up, drug addiction is up, homelessness and alcoholism are up. We need to get back to worshipping God. I am commanded to worship God. I plead with you... Back off! Open up the spiritual environment of this valley immediately.”

May God help and preserve us during this time of trials.

Our clients Harvest Rock Church and Pastor Ché Ahn received a letter from the Pasadena City Prosecutor threatening daily criminal charges and fines. Each criminal charge carries up to one year in prison and these threats also extend to parishioners. We are in federal court challenging these unconstitutional restrictions.

Gov. Newsom’s orders allow the church to feed, shelter, and provide social services, but the same people in the same building cannot worship. In other words, non-religious services are acceptable but religious services are banned.

People can receive food, but not take communion. People can be housed overnight, but cannot hold a short worship service, Bible study, or meet for prayer. People can receive counseling to find work but cannot be counseled on finding eternal life.

The same governor who encourages mass protests, bans all worship, even in private homes. The same governor who says the church can meet to provide secular services, bans the church from having religious worship.

This unconstitutional hostility against religious worship must end.

Liberty Counsel is representing over 162 churches in California and we are also litigating in Maine, Virginia, Kentucky, and Illinois. And we are working with several thousand pastors and churches in 44 states.

No pastor or churchgoer should have to wonder if they will be criminally charged for attending worship. This should not happen in America! Not on our watch!


This fight is expensive, and the legal expenses will continue to grow. That is why I am so thankful these pastors and churches have YOU to defend them.

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Please continue to be in prayer for America. The church closures are symptomatic of a deeper darkness spreading across our land. Pray for the light of our Lord to shine brighter on this land than ever before. By God’s grace, we shall all prevail!

In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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