Prayer Ministry Ordered to "Cease and Desist"

Aug 3, 2020

A California prayer ministry has received a "cease and desist" letter. Gov. Gavin Newsom first banned singing and chanting, and then banned all worship, even in private homes. The church and the right to worship is under vicious attack! But YOU can stop it. Read on to learn more. - Mat

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As you know, Liberty Counsel is representing a group of California-based churches (Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry) challenging Gov. Newsom's unconstitutional orders.

In some of the most shocking edicts issued by any elected official (at least in America), Newsom not only banned ALL worship services (even in homes) for 80% of California's faithful, he also explicitly targeted churches with his ban on singing and chanting, which applies in the remaining portions of the state, including in private homes.

How dare these leaders order people not to worship God?

Remember when King Darius ordered a 30-day ban on worshipping God? (Daniel 6:1-10). When Daniel knew the decree was signed, he went to his house, opened his window, and prayed like he had always done. John MacArthur recently stated correctly that Caesar is not over the church.

Apparently, government bureaucrats governing the Golden State are not done with their attacks on the Constitution and on faithful believers. Now, a California prayer ministry has been issued a "cease and desist" letter!

When CA Gov. Gavin Newsom first issued his draconian shut-down orders, local Democrat leaders like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti were more than happy to act as Newsom's henchmen. On March 18, Mayor Garcetti announced he would be "deputizing" city bureaucrats to "enforce" stay at home orders… including sending those newly minted "deputies" house to house to ensure compliance. He also threatened to turn off the water and utilities of any non-complying business.

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Similar to our client Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church in Chicago, this California intercessory prayer ministry is under attack by city officials eager to enforce illegal orders. And just like our case in Chicago, California officials are taking breathtaking measures to shutter and silence Houses of Worship.

But in California, this also includes HOME BIBLES STUDIES AND FELLOWSHIPS!

You might recall that in our Chicago case, officials slapped our client with "Summary Abatement," which includes immediately taking possession of and potentially bulldozing the church buildings. Praise God, Liberty Counsel has so far prevented that illegal seizure and destruction of church property. And we are preparing to take that particular case to the United States Supreme Court even as I write.

And we will defend pastors, churches, and faithful believers in California against these tyrannical edicts.

CA Gov. Newsom favors Marxist protests and riots over the church. But we will not remain silent. Remember, Jesus said "the Gates of Hell will not prevail" against the church. Neither will Gov. Newsom!

Pastor Ché Ahn of Harvest Rock Church said it well: "The church has been essential for 2,000 years!"

And the church is even more essential now.

Today, Gov. Newsom must respond to our lawsuit. Whatever happens in the next week, we will not give up this battle until we restore freedom in California.

As I said above, we are preparing our Illinois case for the U.S. Supreme Court and it is likely that one of our four cases at the federal Courts of Appeal will reach the Supreme Court for a final decision. Despite what you may have read in the media, the Supreme Court has not made any final decision regarding these church cases.

I need your help to keep fighting.

Liberty Counsel NEVER charges for our legal services. Very few people could afford to defend themselves against the bottomless resources of the state.

Which is why YOUR support is so critically important to keeping our religious freedom FREE. YOUR generous donations pay for the legal work necessary to keep these American pastors out of jail, and keep our churches open and unencumbered by the demands of anti-God governors, bureaucrats and Marxist revolutionaries.

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In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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