Senate Dems Try End Run on "Equality Act"

Jun 23, 2020

Democrats in the US Senate wasted no time this week working to extend the Supreme Court's misguided re-writing of human sexuality in the Bostock ruling into a complete reordering of American culture and law. Democrats are trying to pass the so-called "Equality Act" with no one present to vote on it! Read on to learn what pro-LGBT radicals are up to in the Senate and how you can stop them. - Mat

Last Monday, the Supreme Court issued a terrible opinion that LGBT activists want to exponentially expand by passing the "Equality Act" in the Senate.

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The Bostock opinion by six unelected judges regarding the 1964 employment law contorted the word "sex" to apply, for instance, to a man who now says he is a woman. While this ruling is terrible, it applies only to employment. But the "Equality Act" is much more expansive than the Bostock ruling.

The "Equality Act" would force every person, church, school, religious business owner or employee to bow the knee to the LGBT agenda—or face devastating lawsuits and bankrupting legal damages.

In its Bostock ruling, the Supreme Court stated that the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) would protect religious employers from its absurd opinion. However, the "Equality Act" would repeal RFRA.

The Supreme Court ruling applies only to employment, but the "Equality Act" would also apply to public accommodation, thus affecting everyone, including churches, schools, bathrooms, changing rooms and more.

Last Friday, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), tried to demand what is known as a "Unanimous Consent" rule to bring the once-dead "Equality Act" back to life in the Senate. It has already passed the House.

Under the Unanimous Consent rule, if no one is on the Senate floor to oppose a "voice vote," that measure passes. No debate, no actual individual votes... just legislation by fiat and trickery. This can happen any time between the opening and closing gavels if no one is present to object. Legislators typically vote and return to their offices. To prevent this end-run, we need an objecting senator to be present every minute of the session.

This new threat demands minute-by-minute vigilance. It means that conservative senators will have to take coordinated shifts on the floor of the Senate every minute it's open from now until the Senate officially closes for the last time in December. Every minute from gavel to gavel must be guarded.

And what exactly is in this new "Equality Act?"

Well, this bill expands the reach of the federal government to every corner of our lives and takes everything the Supreme Court declared about "sex" and codifies it across ALL U.S. laws - while repealing RFRA.

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If the so-called "Equality Act" passes, there will be devastating consequences to society and our Judeo-Christian values, including:

  • Men will be allowed in ladies' bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.
  • College housing and overnight church or school trips will no longer be able to separate men from women.
  • Religious institutions, including schools and churches, will be forced to hire and promote gender-confused and cross-dressing individuals.
  • Staff and students in the education system will be forced to use newly invented pronouns like "xe, xem and xers" instead of "he, him and his."
  • If biological parents refuse to provide sex-change surgeries and hormones to their minor child, this will be considered "child abuse" for which the child can be removed from their home while taxpayer dollars will fund dangerous medical mutilation and hormones against the parents' will.
  • Counselors will be silenced, and clients of all ages will not be able to receive any counsel for their unwanted same-sex attractions, behavior or gender confusion.
  • Title IX provisions that established women's sports will now be wiped away, allowing men to compete directly against women on all levels of school sports.

Even the Bible itself could be banned as "hate speech" simply because the Word is clear about sex – and it directly contradicts the LGBT lies about sex!

Man and woman were made in the image of God. But the LGBT activists are trying to recreate man and woman into a warped image of their own invention!

This issue is too important for us to remain silent! That's why I am asking you today to act NOW, before radical Democrats take even one step further in their scheme to abolish God's plan for men and women and establish laws supporting their twisted, sick agenda.

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In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

P.S. Just as we are defending the churches that renegade Democrat governors illegally and unconstitutionally closed, Liberty Counsel will defend the rights of every Christian to stand against this unholy re-definition of human sexuality.

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