Chicago Threatens to DESTROY Non-Compliant Churches

May 26, 2020

The City of Chicago suggests it may bulldoze Chicago-area churches that continue to meet in person.

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Praise God, last week President Donald Trump declared churches and houses of worship to be "essential," instructing all governors to honor the First Amendment right to religious freedom.

If you've been keeping up with Liberty Counsel in recent months, President Trump's words on religious freedom might sound familiar. YOUR prayers and donations helped lead to a direct reaffirmation of our religious rights from the White House.

BUT…the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois apparently didn't get the message because just one day after President Trump declared churches to be essential, the City of Chicago delivered a deeply chilling letter to our clients, Elim Romanian Pentecostal and Logos Baptist Ministries. The letter threatened to potentially DESTROY THE PHYSICAL CHURCHES if they continue to hold services.

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In a letter delivered Saturday, May 23, Chicago Health Commissioner Allison Arwady wrote: "I am authorized to seek to enjoin such nuisance or to cause the same to be summarily abated in such manner as I may direct…." The letter ended by stating that "the City will take steps necessary to abate, including Summary Abatement."

According to the Illinois Supreme Court, "Summary abatement would mean to put down or destroy without process. This means the inspector can, upon his own judgment, cause the alleged nuisance to stop on his own authority and effect a destruction of property at his discretion." City of Kankakee v. New York Cent. R. Co., 387 Ill. 109, 116, 55 N.E.2d 87, 90 (1944).

In other words, by claiming "summary abatement" status, the City of Chicago is now actively threatening to physically tear down these churches!

It is shocking that the city would even make such an egregious threat while a federal lawsuit is pending against the state on the same issue.

But it is absolutely appalling that, on the very weekend America honors the brave men and women who fought and died for our constitutional liberties, the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago are actively subverting those very liberties.

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The body of executive orders by Gov. J.B. Pritzker restricting churches are an insult to the First Amendment and to all Americans who understand the price and value of religious freedom. Each day the thug tactics to close churches in Illinois gets more bizarre and outrageous.

The courts must stop this outrageous abuse of the American people's unalienable, God-given rights.

This week, Liberty Counsel will petition the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency injunction against Gov. Pritzker. This injunction would also prevent him from bulldozing Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church and Logos Baptist Ministries until our cases can be heard.

In our defense of churches against tyranny nationwide, Liberty Counsel has several cases on appeal. While President Trump's use of our case language in declaring churches to be "essential" is a welcome help, Liberty Counsel has been forced to defend America's religious rights before the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our staff and our budgets have been stretched thin in this intense fight for freedom. Our attorneys and support staff members have literally been working around the clock to advise thousands of churches that have come to us for help, even as we pull "all-nighters" working on court filings.

And our phones are ringing nearly non-stop from additional churches and pastors in need of help. This in addition to all our other cases defending pro-life, pro-family values and, of course, Planned Parenthood "Baby Parts for Sale" whistleblower Sandra Merritt.

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Please, pray for the soul of America, that no one be able to deprive Americans of their liberties. Pray, too, for all of America's churches, that they stand strong against the unprecedented attacks on our religious liberty.

Please also pray for Liberty Counsel's staff as we work to uphold and defend America's churches. We need your prayers and support as never before!

And please, give as generously as possible TODAY so that we can afford to defend America's churches all the way to the Supreme Court. America's priceless freedom of religion – our first freedom – must be aggressively protected to ensure that it endures for our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations.

In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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LAST THING: As you know, Liberty Counsel is counseling, representing, and/or defending thousands of pastors and churches nationwide as they try to navigate illegal, unconstitutional edicts from power-drunk officials. We have several federal lawsuits filed on behalf of churches, including a lawsuit against Gov. Pritzker on behalf of Logo Baptist Ministries and Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church.

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