No Worship Until SHE Says So

May 21, 2020

Having dictated last year what vaccines Christians must put in their bodies, now Maine Governor Janet Mills wants to dictate which churches Christians will be allowed to attend.

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Many Democrat governors who call for the absolute separation of church and state now want the state to control the church. ME Gov. Janet Mills, whom Liberty Counsel is suing in federal court on behalf of Calvary Chapel of Bangor, is one such example.

Gov. Mills prohibits ALL church gatherings, including drive-in church. She now says churches will not be able to reopen until she is satisfied with the "metrics," but she will not say what the "metrics" mean. So, there is no way to know when Gov. Mills will be satisfied.

Even after the "metrics" are reached, churches will have to apply to reopen, and will be chosen based on a checklist of requirements developed by the state. As of this writing, that checklist has not been released by the State of Maine.

Churches that fully comply with Gov. Mills' demands (whenever they are revealed), and are approved by her, will be given a "badge" to display outside their church indicating the church has fully complied and is approved by Gov. Mills.

The very idea of "Governor-Approved Churches" flies in the face of both the First Amendment and biblical principles of governance and lawful authority.

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Let me explain...

Constitutionally, any government-authorized church is illegal. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly forbids the government from making any law "respecting the establishment of religion." Dictating which churches are "approved" and requiring "approved" churches to display a government-issued badge on the building are clear violations of the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Gov. Mills has decreed that several sectors of industry not protected by the Constitution may open, including "big box," home improvement, and liquor stores…but not churches.

While it is debatable whether governors may dictate business closures, the First Amendment protection of religious liberty is non-debatable. Local, state, and federal governments may not dictate rules to churches – including when and how those churches worship.

That's why Liberty Counsel is representing Calvary Chapel in federal court, where we have requested an emergency injunction which would allow the church to operate as it is constitutionally allowed to do.

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But did you know the Bible also forbids civil government from interfering with the church?

The purpose of government is to create civil order. In the Scriptures, the king did not have jurisdiction over the priest, nor the priest over the king.  Even in Old Testament times, kings were forbidden to interfere or dictate to the rulers of the religious order.

A perfect example can be found in 1 Samuel 13. The downfall of King Saul happened when he took it upon himself to perform priestly duties. As a result, the prophet Samuel warned Saul that his kingdom would come to an end because of his disobedient act of performing priestly functions.

Kings are not priests, and neither is Maine Gov. Janet Mills. State-sponsored and controlled churches have no place in our constitutional republic.

To date, the lawless orders issued by many governors around the country have been a mess of contradictory and thoughtless edicts that punish churches and all houses of worship. Gov. Mills' unconstitutional edicts are no exception. Regardless of "good intentions," health regulations or safety concerns, there is no pandemic "pause button" on the Constitution!

But interfering with the church and God's people is nothing new for Gov. Mills, who just last year signed a law revoking religious exemptions for vaccinations. Having successfully dictated what Christians must put in their bodies, now the governor wants to dictate which churches Christians will be allowed to attend.

Gov. Mills' current dictates are deadly, unconstitutional abuses that unequivocally must not be allowed to stand. And that's why we are defending Calvary Chapel along with many other churches nationwide. Just before finishing this email, I completed a conference call with pastors providing guidance on re-opening. Our team has spoken with thousands of pastors nationwide.

As you know, Liberty Counsel defends our clients and these churches free of charge. We are only able to provide these critical and necessary services because of generous donors like YOU. 99% of donations to Liberty Counsel go directly to funding the education and legal fight for freedom, which means you can be assured that YOU PERSONALLY are defending the constitutional rights of God's people in America.

Our continuing battle in defending Planned Parenthood "Baby Parts for Sale" whistleblower Sandra Merritt significantly drained our resources this past year. And the unprecedented attacks on churches – now over 1,000 requesting our legal help in this time of tyranny -- has stretched our budget drastically thin. Please, give generously today so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy religious freedom tomorrow.

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Finally, if you are as tired of tyranny as we are, take a moment right now to tell all 50 Governors to LEAVE OUR CHURCHES ALONE! - Just select here!

In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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