Disorderly Conduct Citations for Attending Church

May 20, 2020

Our client, Logos Baptist Ministries of Niles, IL, received two "Disorderly Conduct" citations this week for peacefully worshipping the Lord.

When we hear of someone receiving a "disorderly conduct" citation, we typically think of wild parties, violent shouting matches or pushing and shoving. But in all my years of ministry and legal service, I never imagined that attending a worship service at a Baptist church could be seen as "disorderly conduct."

Yet, in Gov. J.B. Pritzker's locked-down state of Illinois, acts of solemn worship have been deemed a crime and our client Logos Baptist Ministries was on the receiving end of not one, but two "disorderly conduct" citations…for opening the church for peaceful worship and devout prayer.

Gov. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot want to criminalize church attendance while expanding mass surveillance.

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Logos Baptist Ministries, a church that serves mainly Romanian immigrants in Illinois, came to Liberty Counsel for help along with Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church shortly after Gov. Pritzker made it clear that Illinois churches could not expect to re-open for at least 12 to 18 months.

Like Elim Romanian Pentecostal, many of the members of Logos Baptist once lived under Communist Romanian rule. They remember all too well the injustices wrought by Communist tyrants as they sought first to control, then to eliminate Christian churches…. including using heavy-handed tactics like pressuring citizens to turn on neighbors and report stubborn worshippers to government authorities. That is exactly what Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot are trying to do now.

Gov. Pritzker announced that Illinois churches will remain largely shut down until, among other things, a proper mass surveillance system is put in place to "monitor" citizens – a process the Governor says may take 12 – 18 months, hopefully by the time a vaccine is widely available.

In the meantime, Gov. Pritzker is calling on citizens to report anyone who dares defy his unconstitutional orders, asking them to call the police or "311" until an automated mass surveillance system can be implemented.

Per the Governor's comments on May 1, that system is already being developed and tested. And Mayor Lightfoot is doing her part by repeatedly declaring that every "report" will be investigated and fines of up to $10,000 per incident may be leveled against the "offender."

Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot are not alone. In fact, it would seem that tyranny has strong roots in Illinois, because IL Rep. Bobby Rush has introduced HR 6666 into the US House of Representatives -- a bill which seeks to level the full power of the federal government, underwritten with $100 Billion in funding, to track and surveil what used to be a free people.

The list of potential collaborators Rep. Rush would like to enlist in his "paid snitching" scheme is deeply disturbing because it includes targeting our churches and our schools.

Both the Nazi Germans and the Soviet Communists used just these sorts of tactics to quell disobedient voices of freedom. Jews were offered special perks if they reported other Jews and became known as "judenrats."

Neighbors who exposed non-compliers in their neighborhoods were given the government's favor, even as they watched the neighborhood churches burn as a result of their reports. And who can forget the Hitler Youth, born of German schools' constant instruction to report even parents and siblings "for the good of the country." People who refused to report their neighbors, family and friends were punished.

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Meanwhile, Gov. Pritzker has banned all church services of 10 people or more, no matter what social distancing and sanitizing services the church has implemented and regardless of the size of the building. While Home Depot and Walmart can have hundreds of people in their buildings, churches may not. The 10-person limit is both ridiculous and unconstitutional!

This past weekend in Chicago, police towed the cars of residents who surround Elim Romanian Pentecostal in an apparent effort to raise hatred against the church and to punish area residents who might support the church. But the church does not use the street parking. Police then blocked the entrances of the church's privately contracted parking lot. And Logos received "disorderly conduct" citations.

Our clients will not cower in the face of Gov. Pritzker's intimidating warnings and tyrannical actions. These churches are standing fast on the Word of the Lord, and their Constitutional right to freedom of religion!

But other American citizens need to fight for our rights, as well. We cannot allow the growth of a rapidly developing police state that spies on its citizens' every move and eliminates our Constitutional freedom.

WE CANNOT ALLOW OUR GOVERNMENT TO SPY ON US OR OUR CHURCHES! Select here or the button below to take a stand now.

Tyranny almost always attacks churches first, then turns to mass surveillance as its preferred method of intimidation and control. Punitive enforcement always follows and grows more draconian when citizens fail to push back.

The restrictions being placed on our churches – the only entities deserving to be deemed "essential" according to the Constitution -- along with mass surveillance by petty tyrants on local, state and federal levels, portend a trend toward the loss of all American rights.

Tyrants start with churches and synagogues, progress to surveillance, incorporate snitching and end with destruction of liberty. This is America and we cannot allow this deadly progression to continue!

Please, take a stand NOW and tell our elected officials we will NOT tolerate mass surveillance, citizen spying and the destruction of our unalienable, God-given, constitutionally protected rights!

"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13

In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

P.S. As you know, Liberty Counsel is counseling, representing and/or defending thousands of pastors and churches nationwide as they try to navigate a myriad of constitutional abuses. We have several federal lawsuits filed on behalf of churches, including a lawsuit against Gov. Pritzker on behalf of Logos Baptist Ministries and Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church.

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