Pastors in 30 States Under Siege

Apr 20, 2020

Liberty Counsel defending pastors in more than 30 states

Right now, Liberty Counsel is nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number of pastors and churches calling for help. As of this writing, we are representing, defending, and/or advising pastors in over 30 states.


When the New Jersey governor was asked how his restrictions on churches squared with the Constitution, he said “I never thought about it.” A governor sworn to uphold the Constitution never thought about the Constitution?

In Kentucky – On Friday, we filed suit against Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear who had been warned not once, not twice, but three times by a Federal Court and the Department of Justice not to attack churches. Beshear defied all these warnings and sent State Troopers to give “quarantine notices” to every person in their cars who were in our client’s parking lot for an Easter service. Yet, the same people could have parked in a liquor store lot and listened to the pastor on the radio with no problem.

In Florida – We are defending The River Church of Tampa, which feeds 900 impoverished families every week. The pastor was arrested for holding church and food distribution, even though there was no ban on church gatherings in that city or state. The same Sheriff who arrested our client also released criminals from that same jail – and tragically, one of those criminals went on to murder someone the day after being released!

In Virginia – We are working with Lighthouse Fellowship, a small congregation focused on providing hands-on support and ministry to its members, some of whom are recovered addicts and sex trafficking victims. That pastor and 16 members – spaced more than 10 feet apart in the 296-seat sanctuary – were cited and now the pastor faces up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.


Some pastors and churches have chosen to guide their congregations with online services, but not every church is the same. The restrictions are getting worse by the day — to the point that churches in some parts of the country are being told what kind of musical instruments they can use to broadcast online. Government has no right to micromanage churches.

The rights codified in our state and federal constitutions do not disappear even in a time of crisis. Of course, constitutional rights need to be balanced with protecting the health and welfare of the community. But the “one-size-fits-all" approach of many executive orders go too far when applied to individual cases.

We are gaining ground. A court in Kansas has already overturned that governor’s illegal and unconstitutional ban on church gatherings of over 10 people.

But the road before us is long. Unconstitutional orders still need to be overturned in several other states. As stated above, we are working with churches in over 30 states. Even that fact alone is breathtaking, as it indicates that over 2/3 of our country has disregarded our Constitution and the religious freedom it guarantees.

Liberty Counsel needs your help more than ever before!

Our fight to defend “Baby Parts for Sale” whistleblower Sandra Merritt against the butchers at Planned Parenthood has been the most expensive case we have ever litigated, and it drained our resources significantly. We are now faced with a flood of pastors and churches nationwide who desperately need our help to ensure they can fulfill their calling.

As always, our hope is in the Lord, and we know He will provide as He always does, usually through faithful friends like you. Together, we can save our churches and our ability to worship.

Please, give generously today. Our religious freedom depends on it.

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Finally, please continue to pray for God’s hand of protection and guidance over Liberty Counsel. With God, there is nothing to fear!

Yours for liberty!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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