Pelosi Holding Workers' Relief Hostage

Mar 26, 2020

The Senate relief bill is now back in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's court, where she will again try to pad it with her radical agenda. At the same time, some state and local officials are issuing broad executive orders that violate the Constitution.

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and rogue governors use the coronavirus to pad their agendas or steal our freedom! – Select here NOW to make your voice heard.

The American people need relief NOW. The Senate passed a bill late last night. The Senate rejected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's wish list to fund Planned Parenthood, the Green New Deal and the LGBT agenda. Now it's back in Pelosi's court. No doubt she will try to add these provisions again.

Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are demanding that the failed Green New Deal be included. We must not let that happen!

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The Senate's 2.2 trillion-dollar bill is now before Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat House Whip James Clyburn, who said he wants to use this "opportunity" to push their radical vision to "transform America."

We expect a House vote tomorrow. We must not allow Pelosi to again hijack a bill meant to help Americans.

Pelosi knows her radical base of the Democrat Party are demanding the Green New Deal.  Joe Biden has now joined Sen. Bernie Sanders calling for the Green New Deal to be included in the coronavirus relief bill.

The U.S. House Republicans need to hold the line!

Let them hear your voice today with a fax to legislators urging them to stand against attempts to radicalize this bill.

This bill is far from perfect. We finally got a copy less than four hours before the Senate passed it. Senator Lindsey Graham, and others, found what he calls "a life-threatening provision" that will decimate the workforce by incentivizing layoffs!

The Senate bill gives an additional $600/week in unemployment benefits to all employees, which in many cases will exceed the person's weekly wage.

This provision will actually cause many layoffs, not just help those who have been laid off. Many Senators wanted to change this provision, but they were pressured to pass it as it was. This error needs to be fixed because it will add to the problem we already face.

Tell Senators to fix the bill and demand that the House not pad the bill with Pelosi's radical agenda. Send your fax to Congress right now.

But Nancy Pelosi is not the only one using this crisis to swap liberty for tyranny. Some state and local officials are implementing broad measures to control citizens, including:

  • Los Angeles County is threatening to shut off power and water to anyone found violating its "safer at home" order
  • Using Chinese-made drones with night vision to track movements
  • VA Gov. Northam has shut down churches, but not liquor stores and abortion clinics because he deems them "essential"
  • Cell phone technology is being considered as a digital tracking device
  • Some states are closing their borders
  • Verified reports are coming in of police officers randomly stopping citizens demanding to know why they are outside

You can also send a fax to urge your governor or other governors to stop destroying our freedom in a time of crisis.

We now have a variety of fax options. You can fax members of Congress urging them to prevent Pelosi from hijacking this bill, Senators to fix the "life threatening provision," and governors to protect our freedom.

Please, take a moment to take a stand NOW.  We don't have much time.  Please join us in saving America as we know it – Select HERE to act now!

In Christ,

Mat Staver

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