Madison WI Goes Full Gestapo

Mar 24, 2020

The Mayor of Madison, WI, just issued an Executive Order so breathtakingly tyrannical that I am astounded.

Will America choose liberty or tyranny in this chaotic time?

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, and you stand closer than 6 feet from someone, or worse yet, dare to open your church or host a small group at your home, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is ordering all of your friends, family and neighbors to report you so that you can be arrested and jailed for 30 days.

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Let me restate that for you:

  • If you host a wedding in your yard...
  • If you meet for small group at your church...
  • If you stand less than 6 feet from another person...
  • If your church opens its doors and has more than 10 people inside... will be arrested, jailed and fined. And the local government is trying to compel your neighbors to inform on you! Mayor Rhodes-Conway even went so far as to post an official form to the city website encouraging residents to use the reporting form immediately and often.

This is absolute insanity! Stalin, Mao, and yes, even Adolf Hitler, used exactly these kinds of measures to tamp down opposition from pesky folks who insist on keeping their freedom. In other words, people like you and me!

Meanwhile, rogue governors are closing borders and implementing increasingly strict measures that have the effect of clamping down on individual American liberties and stopping small business gains.

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AND, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to cram abortion funding and all kinds of baby killing, LGBT pork into the President’s economic rescue package, including:

  • Fund Planned Parenthood permanently
  • Provide additional funds for research that uses aborted baby organs
  • Force corporations to embrace LGBT leadership on their boards
  • Fund expensive elements of the Green New Deal regarding carbon emissions and force taxpayers to buy old airplanes.

Democrat House Whip James Clyburn isn't even trying to hide what the Democrats are up to. Just today Clyburn said the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is "a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision."

Here’s the unavoidable conclusion: Tyrants are trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to steal our liberty even as they try to crash President Trump’s massive economic recovery.  And the only way they think they can stop him is by punishing Americans like YOU and ME.

There is never a good excuse to trade liberty for security. Benjamin Franklin warned us that he who trades a little liberty for a little security will wind up with neither. In the end, rogue Democrats want to take BOTH away from patriots who support President Trump.

We cannot allow tyrants to use COVID-19 to destroy our American Republic!

Please, stop the Gestapo. Stop the rogue governors. Stop Nancy Pelosi.


In Christ,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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