I'll Be in Court Tomorrow on Another Big Case

Mar 10, 2020

Wednesday morning, I will be in court defending the rights of persecuted Pro-Life activists. We need your help to win this case!

Don't let abortionists steal your freedom of speech the way they steal babies' lives. Defend Larry Cirignano TODAY! – Select here

Two Rivers Public Charter School apparently has ZERO problem with babies being murdered right next door to their school. However, in the twisted logic only pro-abortionists understand, the school does not want pro-lifers like Larry Cirignano to stand on the public sidewalk between the abortion mill and the school yard offering prayers and counseling to young mothers contemplating killing their children...so they are suing him.

That's why I'll be in court Wednesday morning. On November 23, 2015, Larry Cirignano and a few area pro-lifers stood on the public sidewalk between the Two Rivers School and a Planned Parenthood abortion center. They held signs and offered to pray for and counsel young women struggling with their "choice". Liberty Counsel is representing Mr. Cirignano, and I will be defending his constitutional right to protected speech.

To be very clear, Larry and his fellow pro-lifers never once trespassed on school property, nor did they break any law. Instead they exercised their constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech exactly the way the Constitution prescribes – on the sidewalk which is, by definition, a public forum. But the pro-abortion folks want Larry, and all other pro-lifers SILENCED and escorted away from any public forum which might cause others to question the pro-abortion agenda.

In essence, Two Rivers Charter Schools wants to remove Larry and other pro-lifers' freedom of speech in order to protect an abortion factory.

Let me put it even more simply:

Two Rivers believes killing babies is OK, but free speech which attempts to save babies should be banned. Don't let them get away with it – select here

This case is critically important, not just to the pro-life movement, but also to ALL freedom of speech. Should the abortion mongers silence even one form of speech, others will follow, and our first amendment rights will eventually disappear entirely.

We need YOUR HELP to fight for YOUR RIGHTS today. This case is not simply about Larry Cirignano, and it isn't even really about pro-life. Rather, Two Rivers vs. Cirignano is about the Freedom of Speech, and whether we will be allowed to speak our minds, and preach God's truth, in public.

Don't let abortionists steal your freedom of speech the way they steal babies’ lives. Defend Larry Cirignano TODAY!

In Christ,

Mat Staver

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