Increased Funding Led to 12,912 MORE Abortions

Feb 12, 2020


In 2018 Planned Parenthood received a record high amount of Federal tax dollars, while also providing a record high number of abortions. Isn’t it time we taxpayers stop funding Planned Parenthood’s American Genocide?

2018 saw a lot of unexpected increases over at Planned Parenthood, the details of which we are only now learning via the publication of the Federal 990 tax form. What that tax form reveals is truly startling.

1. More $ = More dead babies

In 2018, Planned Parenthood received an increase of 13.5% in taxpayer dollars

In 2018 Planned Parenthood performed a record number of abortions – increasing the number of successful abortions performed by 12,912.

If Planned Parenthood’s core business is not murdering babies, then why does an increase in funding correlate with an increase in babies aborted?

Although we have the most Pro-Life President in modern history, abortion funding IS increasing, and it appears to be raising abortion rates.

We cannot allow this increase – in funding OR butchered babies – to continue.

Liberty Counsel is on the front lines fighting to save our children. We will not stop fighting until every single child is safe from the abortionist’s deadly instruments. But we need YOUR help. Unlike Planned Parenthood, we do not receive $617 million in taxpayer dollars every year to fund our work; we must rely on good people like you, willing to sacrifice in order to save our most helpless.

Please, consider giving your best possible gift TODAY to fund the fight for their lives.

In Christ,

Mat Staver

P.S. Battling the baby butchers, exposing the details of their heinous trade and fighting the spirit of death that permeates the entire abortion culture can wear on our legal team's souls. That's why I am so honored to have the support of good people like you, lifting us up in prayer and financially supporting our aggressive pro-life activism. And we are returning extraordinary results to those who invest in our vital work!

God has given us an army of supporters as we press forward in our fight against the Goliath of Planned Parenthood. Please, prayerfully consider making your best possible donation today. God bless you!