Poison Pill in the Israel Peace Plan

Feb 7, 2020

Unfortunately, President Trump's Middle East Plan will not likely result in peace, because the Palestinian Authority and Hamas will not accept Israel's right to exist. For that to change the Palestinian population would have to rise up and demand a change. But it is hard to change when children are taught from the crib to kill Jews.

Unlike other countries, happy to tap into Trump's business experience and America's funding in order to increase their own economic stature in the world, Palestinian leaders have no such designs. Rather, the main objective for the two ruling factions within the Palestinian areas, (the Palestinian Authority and Hamas), is that Israel should be wiped off the map and "Palestine" inserted in its place. Permanently.

Furthermore, the assumption that there is any one entity with which Israel or the US could negotiate, is a false one. The Palestinian Authority (PA), and Hamas are two separate and distinct factions, each with their own charters, participants and leadership.  Each charter calls for the elimination of Israel. The PA cannot speak on behalf of Hamas, and neither can Hamas speak for the PA; yet even on the ridiculously remote possibility that one of the entities came to an agreement with Israel, the actions and misdeeds of the other would automatically negate that deal – a problem that has plagued many past negotiations and crippled past attempts at peace.

Trump's plan gives away to the Palestinians the very land that our Lord gave Israel.  This land give-away not only dishonors God, it also empowers an enemy dead set on absolute destruction.

And, despite some good points and efforts, that is the Trump peace plan's fatal flaw.

We are talking about a people that train their children from the time they can talk that 'Jews are evil devils'. We are talking about terror forces that put AK-47s in the hands of small children and strap bombs to seven-year-olds and point them to the nearest yarmulke.

We are talking about a people who dig miles of tunnels to smuggle bombs into Jewish settlements and cities. We are talking about a people so immersed in hatred, with violence so systemically ingrained, that the prospects of better jobs and a thriving economy have little effect.

For years, bright red warning signs have been posted throughout the Holy Land advising Jews not to enter certain 'no go zones' within Judea and Samaria—the so-called "West Bank"—because lethal Palestinian attacks on Jews are a very real threat.

While Trump's plan may in fact be a slight of hand intended to protect Israel, the concern is that it may endanger both the Jewish people and the Holy Land. In fact, the American Embassy in Jerusalem has already issued warnings that the Palestinians have declared 'open hunting season' on Americans in Judea and Samaria. And while the plan mandates demilitarization in the "State of Palestine," we've already seen what happens when Israel withdraws from a Palestinian population region. When Palestinians were given control over Gaza, militants began firing rockets on Israeli civilians. The Palestinian thirst for land and blood, historically, has been insatiable.

Which leads us to the fundamental problem with the Peace Plan: as laudable as the intent of the plan, you must know yourself, the adversary, and the arena of engagement. You cannot give land to terrorists and hope for a good outcome. It never, ever works.

I ask you to please, take a moment to pray for the people of Israel right now and every day moving forward. The Palestinians have already declared "open hunting season" and "Days of Rage."

Pray for the Lord's mighty hand of peace and protection to be laid upon all of God's people in the Holy Land and that one day we may yet see peace in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the diligent staff here at Liberty Counsel will continue working day in and day out with legislators, the White House and the international community to stand with Israel.

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Together with Israel,

Mathew Staver