I Probably Would Have Killed Myself

Feb 4, 2020

“I probably would have killed myself.  I would not have been satisfied with a government-mandated gay identity”.

That’s what Ken (last name withheld for privacy), said would have happened to him without the Christian counseling that not only reinforced his belief in God’s will for his life, but saved his life.

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Statistics and scientific studies from the Center for Disease Control show that Ken is not alone...

  • LGBT youths contemplate suicide 3 times more frequently than youths who identify as heterosexual.
  • LGBT youths are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide.
  • 30-40% of “trans” people report having attempted suicide.
  • And suicide rates for “transgenders” are TWENTY times higher than the general population.

In the 1950s, there existed a well-accepted and highly touted “treatment” for emotional women and disruptive children. It was called an “ice pick lobotomy.”  An actual ice pick was driven into the patient’s upper eye socket and pushed through into the brain, permanently scarring and disabling the emotional response center of the brain. At the time, doctors bragged they could perform 20 such “surgeries” an hour and hundreds per day.

Of course, we know now that these once-popular lobotomies were NOT medicine, but barbaric, brain damaging, science-denying quackery that left patients permanently debilitated. Thousands of Americans, mostly women, literally and figuratively lost a piece of themselves and were mentally, emotionally and physically scarred for the rest of their lives.

Some years from now, we will look back on this time of chemical castration, puberty blockers, genital removal surgery and “transitions” of children and adults as equally and horrifically barbaric as “ice pick lobotomies.”

But right now, 80 governments around the country want to FORCE therapists to encourage gender dysphoria – even if the patient came to the counselor requesting help in treating gender confusion and unwanted same-sex attraction with Bible-based Christian counseling.

In other words, these governments are mandating a LGBT lifestyle – whether the patient wants it or not.

Liberty Counsel is representing counselors and victims in the landmark case Otto v. Boca Raton. Our clients are two Christian counselors along with their patients, upon whom two local Florida governments tried to force LGBT mandates.

I will be personally making arguments before the Federal Court of Appeals in Miami this month, defending the 1st Amendment free speech and religious liberties of both the counselors and the patients as we fight these egregious government LGBT demands.

This past year’s behemoth cases against Planned Parenthood and the State of California made 2019 one of the most expensive years in Liberty Counsel’s history.  As you know, we are a public interest law firm, which means that when people do not have the millions of dollars needed to fight government intrusion into their religious rights, they come to us.

Please, for the counselors, for the families and for the patients – help fund this fight so that patients that need counseling won’t contemplate taking their own lives over unwanted gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction.

There is hope and help for those who suffer – as long as we fight to keep it legal.  Help us win Otto v. Boca Raton today!

Yours for true liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman