SPLC Goes Fishing

Jan 13, 2020

The Southern Poverty Law Center's legal attack on Liberty Counsel has become unreasonable. Because of the SPLC's extreme "discovery" demands, including materials that are already readily available in court records, our staff attorneys were forced to produce 13,000 pages of legal documents which we delivered last Friday.

That costly, time-consuming and pointless witch-hunt took 200 hours of our precious attorney time.

And, discovery is still ongoing. The SPLC is demanding even more documentation—enough paper to fell a forest.

Add to that depositions in the next two-months in which SPLC attorneys will continue to waste time.

It's a fishing expedition and a colossal waste of time.

But the SPLC has a venomous agenda—they've said it themselves. I share more about it below. –Mat

Speaking to a friendly crowd, the SPLC's Mark Potok unveiled the radical Southern Poverty Law Center's hidden agenda.

"Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on," said Potok, who at the time served as an SPLC spokesman and editor.

But the SPLC is much more than just a so-called watchdog on hate, insisted Potok in remarks caught on video.

"I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups," Potok said, referring to the SPLC's ideological enemies. ". . . To completely destroy them."

And that's what the SPLC is now trying to do to Liberty Counsel.

In 2017, the SPLC added both Liberty Counsel and me, personally, to a massive ongoing lawsuit filed in Vermont. The SPLC's goal was clear — to destroy Liberty Counsel by tying us up in court and gaining a judgment against us that could cripple and incapacitate this ministry.

I was dismissed from the case, but Liberty Counsel was not. That wasn't enough for the SPLC. So, in 2018, they filed yet another lawsuit, naming both me and Liberty Counsel — this time in Virginia. They wanted to take this ministry down while also destroying my reputation as an attorney.

Of course, our legal team fought back in both states. And last year, a federal judge in Virginia tossed out the SPLC's Virginia lawsuit. But the one in Vermont is ongoing. And it is extremely costly and time-consuming.

Your generous support now will help us fight this battle. The SPLC has a huge legal war chest—its endowment is nearly half a billion dollars. Will you help us take on this radical and ruthless giant with a gift now?

The Vermont litigation is designed to harass Liberty Counsel and waste our time.

Liberty Counsel has not done anything wrong. But this is a time-consuming lawsuit in which the SPLC is making outrageous allegations and conducting invasive and far-reaching "discovery" demands.

The 200 hours in attorney time it took to produce those 13,000 pages of documentation just scratches the surface. As of late last year, Liberty Counsel attorneys had already spent 3,500 hours fighting the SPLC's malicious attack!

+ + Groundless allegations intended to destroy ...

The particulars of this Vermont case reveal the depths to which the SPLC and the LGBT community will go to attack us.

The suit involves a child custody battle between a lesbian and her former partner who later became a Christian and left the homosexual lifestyle. In 2017, five to six years after the lawsuit was filed, the SPLC became co-counsel. One of their first actions on behalf of their client, Janet Jenkins, was to add Liberty Counsel to the list of defendants.

While we were representing Lisa Miller and her young daughter Isabella, the two suddenly disappeared in September 2009. We had no knowledge of her plan to run, and no knowledge of where she went. We have had no communication with her since she left.

But the SPLC alleges we must have been part of helping her escape the jurisdiction of the courts. Of course, this is a lie.

This attack is part of a broader agenda by the SPLC and other radical groups seeking to destroy their opposition through lies and intimidation.

+ + Picking Us Off One by One...

Having inflicted economic damage on Liberty Counsel and others through a number of fraudulent tactics, the SPLC is taking its attack on us to a new level through this lawsuit and the way in which they are managing it.

That's why I'm turning to friends like you to help me fight back and win against the SPLC at this critical time!

This mammoth battle is just one of more than a hundred cases and issues we're actively engaged in right now.

We're going head-to-head against the LGBT movement in many states. We're aggressively fighting laws which keep counselors from giving teens the help they want from unwanted same-sex attractions.

In two weeks, I will be in Atlanta to challenge these unconstitutional counseling bans before the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

And, of course, we're deeply engaged in battling Planned Parenthood and California's pro-Planned Parenthood attorney general in defense of Sandra Merritt.

All these battles consume countless hours of legal work. But I must commit all the necessary resources to defend freedom. And to ensure that radical LGBT activists do not succeed in their mission to discredit or damage Liberty Counsel.

Thank you for your prayers. And thanks in advance for partnering with Liberty Counsel at this critical time!

For faith and liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The SPLC's legal attack against us is ramping up—with outrageous discovery requests and time-consuming depositions just ahead.

I need your help to ensure that we can dedicate all the necessary resources to defeat the SPLC’s lawsuit against us and continue other vital efforts.