6 KEY INSIGHTS for 2020 (3 Today)

Jan 10, 2020

First, a huge THANK YOU to all who joined yesterday's fax barrage urging moderate House Democrats to vote NO on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's radical War Powers Resolution.

It's an outrage, but the resolution to handcuff the president in defending America passed the House. But here's the good news: eight of the moderate Democrats that friends like you targeted in our fax campaign voted AGAINST the resolution!

Now, the fight moves to the Senate and I'll keep you posted. Today, I'm excited to share my Insights For 2020 (they're not what you may expect). See below! –Mat

A few weeks ago, I joined a very select group of national leaders in Washington, D.C., for a special meeting with the top conservative leaders in Congress. I have since processed what I learned during that landmark event and realized that I had received several key insights about what we will experience in this pivotal Election Year.

Despite the negative reports that dominate the media, there are many people in Congress who love the Lord. For example, the meeting opened with a member of Congress encouraging the group to stand for biblical truth, followed by a powerful prayer! Which leads me to my first Insight For 2020...

** 2020 Insight #1 — We are not alone!

Throughout the meeting, I was encouraged by the commitment of these Members to religious liberty and the sanctity of human life. During the meeting, I was given the opportunity to share some horrific details of Planned Parenthood's atrocities we learned through defending pro-life hero Sandra Merritt...

I shared how a Planned Parenthood medical director described in detail in court how she aborts babies alive to harvest their organs. First, she grabs the baby by the feet and pulls the child out breech to begin dilation. Then, she crushes above and below the thorax to harvest the heart, lungs, kidney and liver. Finally, the abortionist removes an intact brain.

Members of Congress grimaced with each gruesome detail. And then congressional leaders shared that at the beginning of every session in the House, GOP Members call for a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act! Every single session!

These leaders vowed to never give up. I was greatly encouraged to see that there are men and women on Capitol Hill who are standing strong for life, faith and family!

I share this with you to encourage you, because I believe we are headed into one of the most challenging seasons in our lifetimes that will require each of us to take a bold stand.

** 2020 Insight #2 — The "mask of Satan" has been removed!

It is as though evil doesn't even bother to hide itself anymore. Over the past year, we have witnessed New York legislators cheering after they passed a law permitting abortion up to birth and beyond. The current U.S. House majority passed the most dangerous, pro-homosexual bill I have yet seen — the misnamed "Equality Act."

And then we finished the year with a brazen, totally unconstitutional attack on President Trump that resulted in unfounded articles of impeachment being passed against a U.S. president for only the third time in our history.

The purely political nature of the Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler impeachment signals that the partisan and worldview divide is widening. This fall's elections will intensify this divide. We are already feeling the "trickle down" effect in our culture.

The new, radical anti-faith and anti-family bias is becoming the order of the day on the Internet, in the media, in our schools and in society as a whole. Christian organizations are censored and shadow-banned by the high-tech gatekeepers.

Anyone daring to stand for marriage or God-given gender roles is shamed into silence. And parents are losing their rights to radical LGBT activists who are taking authority over our children!

** 2020 Insight #3 — We are fighting blatant bias in the courts.

We are seeing clear evidence of entrenched anti-faith, anti-life bias in the judicial system. Week after week this past fall, Liberty Counsel lawyers were in court defending Sandra Merritt against an "unholy alliance" between Planned Parenthood and the State of California. The hatred for Sandra and for anyone and anything representing the prolife movement was shocking. The bias even extended to the judge's chambers.

For example, even though the judge in Sandra's civil trial was the founder of the facility that houses Planned Parenthood of Northern California, the judge adamantly refused to remove himself from the case! Then, we had to endure weeks of the judge tying the hands of the jury and effectively forcing the jury to give a verdict to Planned Parenthood.

While we continue to fight this two-front battle with Planned Parenthood, our attorneys are also handling more than 100 other cases and legal situations—including the Southern Poverty Law Center's legal assault on Liberty Counsel.

In Pennsylvania, we are suing the city of Harrisburg for its unconstitutional buffer zone ordinance that restricts the constitutionally protected speech of pro-life counselors outside abortion clinics. In California, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida, we're engaged in litigation to push back against the radical LGBT agenda and reverse egregious same-sex counseling bans which are an open attack on Christian counselors and Christian children and their parents.

** The fight of our lives in 2020...

You and I face the fight of our lives in 2020. I feel like shouting from the mountaintops to warn people about the disaster we will face if we make the wrong decisions or lose key legal battles this year.

Frankly, it's impossible to overstate how crucial the battles we're fighting are to the future of life, freedom and the family. Planned Parenthood is desperate to bury the truth about its sordid commerce in baby body parts. That's why it's going all-out to crush our client, pro-life hero Sandra Merritt.

And yet we're financially challenged right now. After pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars of precious legal resources into Sandra's defense, we now face expensive, grueling and lengthy depositions, appeals and court battles on multiple fronts in the days ahead.

That's why I'm asking for your help again as we enter 2020.

We're facing a flood of critical litigation and must be prepared to fight on many fronts.

Will you make your best possible gift to Liberty Counsel today? With your help, we'll battle Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other radical enemies working to destroy our God-given liberties.

Please let me hear from you right away!

Thank you for partnering with Liberty Counsel in this critical year to defend our freedoms!

With gratitude,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman