Human "Chop Shop" Forced to Pay $58 Million

Nov 25, 2019

A jury just delivered a whopping verdict in a gruesome case that closely mirrors Planned Parenthood’s evil treatment of little babies. I share details below.

Planned Parenthood is persecuting the woman, Sandra Merritt, who exposed its ghoulish commerce in baby body parts. She is now facing a crushing civil judgment against her—with a likely criminal trial ahead.

Will you help us defend Sandra with a gift today? This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history—and one of the most important. I need your help now--especially as we reach the end of November. Please consider a generous gift now to help us defend Sandra and so many others! –Mat

An Arizona jury ordered a biomedical firm to pay $58 million to families who donated the bodies of their loved ones—thinking their gift would benefit science.

They were wrong.

The staggering judgment punished the firm, Biological Resource Center (BRC), for selling donated bodies at a profit rather than giving them to researchers to find cures.

“The evidence at trial proved that [BRC owner Stephen] Gore was running a body broker ‘chop shop,’ where he’d deceive families into donating their loved ones upon death for medical and scientific research, but instead chopped the bodies up and sold the parts to other body brokers for profit,” a lawyer for the families said.

+  +  FBI's gruesome find

An FBI raid of BRC turned up gruesome evidence of how human remains were abused—including a “head sewn onto a mismatched body, a bucket of limbs and a cooler filled with” genital organs.

But Planned Parenthood facilities were “chop shops” too—places where workers cut up little babies for their parts which were then sold.

Yet for now, Planned Parenthood is skating free.

No jury is forcing the abortion giant to shell out millions for trafficking in baby body parts.

No prosecutor is charging the abortion chain for its role in cutting beating hearts from living babies for Stanford researchers.

+  +  Court punishes Sandra, not Planned Parenthood

Instead, a San Francisco jury just gave Planned Parenthood a multi-million-dollar judgment against our client, pro-life hero Sandra Merritt, and others—the very people who exposed its heinous racket of selling brains, hearts, livers and even scalps.

It’s an utter outrage and we are appealing.

But that’s not all.

In less than two weeks, a judge will rule on whether Sandra will go to trial in San Francisco on trumped-up criminal charges filed by Planned Parenthood’s friend and ally, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

If Becerra’s bogus charges go to trial, Sandra faces more than a decade behind bars as well as fines.

But she did nothing wrong. Instead, this courageous pro-life grandmother went undercover to record damning evidence on video of Planned Parenthood officials...

  • Negotiating for the best price on infant body parts and joking about wanting a Lamborghini.
  • Talking with cool nonchalance about harvesting brains, livers, kidneys and legs from tiny unborn children.
  • Offering to alter abortion techniques – a possible violation of federal law – to ensure tissue is undamaged and suitable for research.
  • Bragging about the revenue earned by the sale of organs and tissue taken from aborted infants.

+  +  Planned Parenthood remains defiant

But despite public embarrassment, congressional inquiries, criminal referrals and attempts to slash the half billion in tax dollars it takes in every year, Planned Parenthood remains defiant.

With help from its friends in Hollywood, Washington, DC, and the news media, Planned Parenthood is on the offensive, charging it is the victim of a “smear campaign” and suing Sandra and others who exposed its evil deeds.

That’s why Sandra needs your help right now.

+  +  Your help is crucial today!

This case is now nearly four years old. And because Liberty Counsel does not charge Sandra or any of the clients we represent, we can only continue to fight for her in court with help from good friends and partners like you.

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She bravely exposed Planned Parenthood’s true identity—it’s a human “chop shop” which kills more than 330,000 infants every year! That’s like wiping out the entire population of Pittsburgh every year.

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With gratitude this Thanksgiving Week,

Mat Staver
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