Litigation Fund Badly Depleted, Please Help

Nov 21, 2019

Like you, I was stunned by the devastating $2.2 million judgment last Friday in a biased San Francisco court against our client Sandra Merritt and her colleagues. But we’re readying our appeal to the Court of Appeals—and we’re more than willing to take this crucial fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!

We will not let this brave woman be thrown to the lions without a fight—and without exhausting every legal remedy available.

But we can’t do that without you.

And right now, after three-months of nearly nonstop litigation on Sandra’s behalf, our legal war chest is seriously depleted.

That’s why I ask for your generous help now. An evil tide is rising in America and it often expresses itself in our judicial system. We must be prepared to battle Planned Parenthood in Sandra’s defense—as well as to take on the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other radical groups in court.

Please be as generous as you can now. See below for the amazing list of battles Liberty Counsel is fighting for you and Americans like you! –Mat

Here’s a quick glance at some of the more than 100 cases and issues on which Liberty Counsel is working on right now.

With your help, we’re in courts across America in defense of YOUR religious freedom and your constitutional liberties as an American. But to keep on fighting, I really do need your help now.

I don’t think our docket has ever been more extensive. Our bulging caseload puts an enormous strain on our litigation fund which has been drained by the incredibly expensive criminal and civil battles we’re waging in California on behalf of pro-life hero Sandra Merritt.

The list below shows just a few of the more than 100 cases and issues YOU help us fight when you give to Liberty Counsel . . .

Defending Sandra Merritt

  • Planned Parenthood sued Sandra after she exposed its potentially unlawful and gruesome sale of baby body parts. After a devastating $2.2 million judgment against Sandra and others, Liberty Counsel is appealing.
  • Liberty Counsel is also vigorously defending Sandra against criminal charges filed by California’s Attorney General who publicly pledged to “stand with Planned Parenthood.” If convicted, Sandra faces more than a decade behind bars. A judge rules December 6 whether this baseless political prosecution against Sandra will go to trial.

Fighting Assaults on Pro-Life Advocates

  • With your help, Liberty Counsel is suing the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for its unconstitutional buffer zone ordinance that restricts the constitutionally protected speech of pro-life counselors outside abortion clinics.
  • We're defending pro-life sidewalk counselors who have been sued by Two Rivers Charter School in Washington, DC, for counseling outside a Planned Parenthood facility built next to school.

Suing to Reverse Counseling Bans

  • LGBT activists are working nationwide to shut down voluntary counseling to help confused teens struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions. These counseling bans are an affront to the Constitution and a flagrant violation of our cherished First Amendment liberty.
  • That’s why, with your help, Liberty Counsel is suing the states of California, Maryland and New Jersey, as well as two Florida communities to reverse these egregious counseling bans which are an open attack on freedom.

Battling the LGBT Agenda

  • Defending Kim Davis, who as a Kentucky county clerk bravely refused to violate her conscience by issuing faux marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
  • Fighting the Southern Poverty Law Center and its client in a huge civil suit falsely alleging that Liberty Counsel conspired to kidnap the daughter of a former lesbian who fled the country after a judge ordered sole custody of the daughter to the former lesbian’s same-sex partner.
  • Suing the city of Jacksonville, Florida, over its Human Rights Ordinance that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity—and severely violates the religious belief and constitutional liberties of Christian businesses in the city.

Fighting Anti-Christian Bigotry

  • With help from friends like you, Liberty Counsel is fighting ACLU grinches who have sued two Indiana counties for displaying Nativity scenes.
  • Liberty Counsel is battling the city of Boston’s outrageous anti-Christian bigotry. The city rejected a Christian flag on its city flagpoles—despite displaying all manner of other flags, including the banners of communist China and Cuba.

+  +  An evil tide is rising . . . help us FIGHT back!

Every one of these battles is CRUCIAL to the future of freedom in America. That’s why you have a vested interest in their outcome—and why I ask for your much-needed help now.

The enemies of God, of freedom and of human life are waging an all-out attack on the constitutional liberties that make America great—and which you and I cherish.

We’ll lose them if we don’t fight back. But we’re only able to do so with help from friends like you. Which is why I ask you to stand with Liberty Counsel now to replenish our legal war chest and take on radical giants like Planned Parenthood, the SPLC and the ACLU in America’s courtrooms.

Please make a generous gift now. Stand with me in defense of life and liberty for this generation—and those yet unborn.

I’m so grateful for your friendship and support! May God bless you and may his grace rest on you and your family!

With gratitude,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel