Lamborghini-Sized Opening

Oct 17, 2019

Abortionist Dr. Mary (“I want a Lamborghini!”) Gatter slipped up big-time on the witness stand in San Francisco Tuesday.

And that opened the door to give the jury key evidence which U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick—who himself has past ties to Planned Parenthood—had long forbidden to be part of our defense of pro-life hero Sandra Merritt. See my report below.

Thanks to friends like you, Liberty Counsel is mounting a very strong defense against Planned Parenthood’s outrageous revenge lawsuit demanding millions from our client.

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This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s 30-year history. Beyond staggering legal costs—trial exhibits alone costs tens of thousands—the trial may go eight weeks. That means huge bills for travel, lodging, food, local transportation and more.

Will you give to help us defend Sandra? With its immense power and almost unlimited resources, Planned Parenthood is out to crush and bankrupt this 66-year-old grandmother.

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Abortionist Mary Gatter gave us a Lamborghini-sized opening Tuesday. See what happened below... Mat

With God’s help, two critical pieces of evidence kept from the jury by Planned Parenthood and U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick have come to light in court.

And as Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet reports, the evidence came out “in the most unlikely and divinely-appointed ways!”

Here’s Harry’s report about the first long-censored piece of evidence (I’ll share the second later). This first item involves a Lamborghini-sized opening provided by the other side . . .

The court had decided that we could not ask Planned Parenthood's “Doctor” Mary Gatter about her heinous comment recorded on video—while negotiating for the prices she would be paid for baby hearts, lungs and livers—that “I want a Lamborghini.”

This put me in a particular pickle, because I had built my entire opening statement around that reprehensible remark, and now I wasn’t going to have the evidence to prove it.

But on the stand Tuesday, Dr. Gatter messed up. Big time!

Her Planned Parenthood lawyers no doubt told her that she could not talk about the specific content of the video itself, because doing so would open the door for me to ask her about the Lamborghini.

And yet she couldn’t resist. During Planned Parenthood’s questioning, she volunteered a completely unnecessary and gratuitous remark, to the effect of (paraphrase): “I was shocked and alarmed about the video when it came out because they edited out the good parts and left in only the worst parts of the conversation.”

Boom! Planned Parenthood’s lawyers immediately knew what would come next.

On cross examination, I asked her what the “worst parts” were which she said were left in the video and caused her distress. Objections flew left and right. But the court overruled them, because Planned Parenthood had opened the door.

Gatter hemmed, hawed, waffled and wavered, but in the end had no choice but to cough up the Truth:


Me: And what particular comments of yours were left in the video to give the wrong impression, Dr. Gatter?

PP Lawyers: Objection!

Court: Overruled.

Gatter: Ahm, uhhhh, ummmm, … I think I made a comment jokingly about what I would receive in compensation.

Me: And what comment did you make, Dr. Gatter?

Gatter: I said I wanted a Lamborghini.

Me: And that was in the context of discussing the price that Defendants would be paying you for fetal parts, isn’t that right, Dr. Gatter?

Gatter: It was.

Boom! You could hear a pin drop. The jury finally got a glimpse of who and what Planned Parenthood is.

+  +  Putting Planned Parenthood on trial

America’s abortion king, Planned Parenthood, thought it was putting our client, Sandra Merritt, on trial.

The truth is that Planned Parenthood put itself on trial.

The evidence starting to surface in this trial—despite the best efforts of Planned Parenthood and Judge Orrick to suppress it—is damning. No one—no matter how good an attorney he or she is—can make selling organs harvested from little children look good.

But that's exactly what Planned Parenthood did.

And because Sandra exposed the abortion giant’s ghoulish trade in baby body parts, it’s out to destroy her. Planned Parenthood is demanding millions from Sandra in its baseless civil suit. It’s an attempt to ruin her financially and rob her of her First Amendment rights.

+  +  Stand with Sandra!

Will you stand with Sandra today? This courageous grandmother exposed Planned Parenthood’s evil deeds. Now I’m asking you to help her fight back against the abortion chain’s ruthless attempt to crush her in court.

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For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
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