Planned Parenthood's Favorite Exotic Car

Oct 8, 2019

It’s one of the most explosive undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s heinous trade in human body parts.

And it took center stage in our opening statement to the jury last week as Planned Parenthood’s revenge suit against our client, Sandra Merritt, got underway.

I share it below, but first, let me tell you about the Planned Parenthood official who wanted a Lamborghini . . . 

It all took place at a restaurant in Pasadena where Sandra—posing as a fetal tissue buyer—lunched with Dr. Mary Gatter, then-president of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council.

The talk soon turned to how much the abortion giant would get for selling baby body parts. And the dickering began.

Sandra asked Gatter to name her price for “intact tissue.”

“Why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying?” Gatter responded. “I just don’t want to lowball.”

After a tentative price of $100 per specimen is reached, Gatter says she wants to check around to make sure the price is right.

“If this is in the ballpark, it’s fine. If it’s still low, then we can bump it up.”

And then she joked, “I want a Lamborghini.”

Disturbing revelations like that shocked the public and sparked congressional investigations.

The tell-tale videos so embarrassed, exposed and outraged Planned Parenthood that it sued Sandra for millions.

+  +  Planned Parenthood wants to crush Sandra

We’re now in week two of what could be an eight-week trial in San Francisco federal court. The stakes are enormous. Planned Parenthood wants to take vengeance, crush Sandra’s First Amendment rights, and ruin her financially.

Will you help us defend this courageous pro-life grandmother? This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s history. Costs will reach into the high six figures and I need your help.

Please give now to defend Sandra against Planned Parenthood’s vicious attack! Thank you!

Let me share below what was in our opening statement to the jury. –Mat

Trial began last week in Planned Parenthood’s baseless civil suit demanding millions from pro-life hero Sandra Merritt. I think you’ll enjoy the opening statement that Harry Mihet, our Chief Litigation Counsel, made to the jury.

It reveals why Sandra risked everything to go under cover and expose Planned Parenthood . . . 

“I want a Lamborghini!”

Those were the words that Mary Gatter, a Planned Parenthood doctor, said to my client, Sandra Merritt, as they were dining at a very public restaurant in Pasadena while negotiating the price that Planned Parenthood would charge Ms. Merritt for human livers, thymus, brains, hearts, lungs and other body parts.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, my name is Horatio Mihet, and this morning I have the privilege of going last, and of representing Sandra Susan Merritt, a 66-year-old grandmother, whom you already met yesterday.

Now you may be asking yourself at the outset of this trial, “what in the world would compel a 66-year-old grandmother to leave

  • her cozy couch
  • her crochet kit,
  • her comfortable community, and
  • her cherished children?

Why would she put on an undercover camera, get on a plane, assume an undercover identity and record Planned Parenthood doctors discussing their willingness to use what Doctor Gatter euphemistically called “less crunchy techniques” in order to obtain more intact – and valuable – human organs from aborted fetuses?

That certainly is not my idea of a restful retirement, and it probably isn’t yours either.

Well, you won’t have to wait very long for an answer, because Ms. Merritt will take the stand either later today or tomorrow, and she will tell you EXACTLY why she did it.

Ms. Merritt will tell you that she received information and evidence that led her to believe that Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry were engaging in very serious criminal conduct, such as:

  • profiting from the sale of human organs,
  • changing abortion procedures to maximize the number and value of organs that could be sold, and
  • even harvesting organs from human beings born alive during abortion procedures.

And as difficult as it was for Ms. Merritt to see and hear this evidence, she will tell you that she could not ignore it.

She believed that the public had a right to know that these things were taking place.

And so that’s why a previously private person like Ms. Merritt accepted Mr. Daleiden’s request to become an investigator for CMP and to record the videos that you will see in this trial.

+  +  Give now to defend Sandra

Sandra’s decision to act made a huge impact on America’s biggest abortion business. It suffered a devastating public black eye, lost taxpayer funding and is now under federal investigation.

And you have a decision to make now, too. Will you stand with Sandra as she fights this vicious lawsuit demanding millions?

Sandra put her freedom and future in peril to expose Planned Parenthood and defend the unborn.

She risked everything. Will you stand with this courageous pro-life hero when she needs your help?

We’re in week two of what may be an eight-week trial. It will be the most expensive in Liberty Counsel history, with costs soaring into the high six figures.

Planned Parenthood is determined to crush Sandra and to drown us in legal costs. Your generosity is crucial to mounting the best possible defense for Sandra.

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I’m so grateful for friends like you who love life and love liberty! Thank you for your friendship, prayers and gracious support.

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel