Consumers to Gillette: "Get Woke, Go Broke"

Aug 12, 2019

First, Gillette tackled so-called “toxic masculinity” with a Super Bowl ad that angered many.

Now, the shaving supply brand giant is wading into the even deeper waters of social activism. It released a video celebrating a biological female’s first face shave—made possible by hormone treatments.

The Gillette ad shows Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, born female but who now self-identifies as a man. In the video, she stands in front of a mirror, razor in hand, as her father guides her along.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres, an open lesbian, labeled the video, “nothing short of incredible.” Teen Vogue magazine chimed in, “It will make you cry.”

“We believe that advertising has the power to change mindsets,” an executive for Procter & Gamble, which owns Gillette, told Quartz. She said Gillette wants to leverage “our voice in advertising and media” on behalf of its “gender equality effort.”

Consumers aren’t buying it.

“Get woke, go broke,” Mike Huckabee tweeted after Gillette took a massive $8 billion hit to its bottom line in its most recent quarter.

+  +  LGBT intolerance

But while pop culture, and increasingly corporate America, celebrate “tolerance” and the "transgender" movement, people who disagree get thrown under the bus . . . or worse.

Ohio school authorities punished our client “John,” a sixth grader after he had the audacity to call another sixth-grade boy what he is—a boy. In this case, that boy is “transitioning” into a female, but John knows his friend is a boy and said so.

That led to a visit to the assistant principal who removed John from a PE class. But after his parents called Liberty Counsel, we intervened. And thanks to good friends like you, we successfully defended and restored his First Amendment freedom.

But what’s worse than what happened to John is the wave of state and local counseling bans which prohibit minors from receiving voluntary counseling from licensed professionals.

Pushed by LGBT activists, these intrusive laws stop young people from getting the help they want . . . and need. The laws block minors in their effort to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion.

+  +  Mark my words: Therapy bans will be struck down!

But with your help, Liberty Counsel’s legal team is fighting these intrusive laws nationwide. Currently, we’re in court against therapy bans in Maryland, Florida, New Jersey and California.

Just last week, we argued in federal district court in Maryland for a preliminary and permanent injunction against Maryland's therapy ban.

I believe that it's just a matter of time before this Maryland law—and others—are struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Here's why . . .

In June 2018, the Supreme Court gutted two lower court decisions that held similar therapy bans in California and New Jersey to be constitutional regulations of professional conduct that did not violate the First Amendment.

Those cases, Pickup v. Brown (California) and King v. Governor of New Jersey have been relied upon by numerous other states and cities that have adopted similar bans. But with the Supreme Court's rejection of Pickup and Brown, the therapy bans in California, New Jersey and other jurisdictions are subject to constitutional challenge.

Liberty Counsel has been the only organization taking the lead to challenge these therapy bans. It is not a question of if, but when, the Supreme Court will take one of these cases and implement what it already clearly stated -- that these dangerous laws violate the First Amendment.

The fundamental rights of counselors and clients to speak in private counseling sessions must be protected. Every person has the right to receive the counsel of their choice.

+  +  Uniquely positioned to win

Liberty Counsel's legal team has been fighting these intrusive laws in many states since 2012. With your help, we’re now uniquely positioned to take down these unconstitutional bans.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us stand against this kind of overreaching government intrusion by generously donating in order to meet our enormous lawsuit expenses and to continue our ongoing mission in defense of life, liberty and family?

And at a time when our docket is full and staff resources are strained to the limit, I'm excited by the $100,000 Challenge Grant for our online supporters to help meet the growing need. Because of it, your generous tax-deductible gift now will be effectively doubled and do twice as much to defend life, liberty and the family.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman


P.S. WE MUST NOT ALLOW any federal, state or local government or agency to usurp the individual rights of parents, children or their counselors on such personal matters! Ultimately, with your help, we believe we will win these important cases!