Big Tech Censors Mitch McConnell

Aug 9, 2019

Big Tech staged a show of power Wednesday when Twitter locked Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign account. Twitter censored the Senate Majority Leader after his campaign posted a riveting video of mean-spirited protesters outside McConnell's home.

With the 77-year-old McConnell reportedly inside recuperating from a shoulder fracture suffered from a fall, a mob gathered on his front lawn to bang drums, wave signs declaring “Massacre Mitch,” and issue venomous death threats.

A Black Lives Matter leader in the crowd, Channelle Helm, says on the video that McConnell "should have broken his little raggedy, wrinkled-(expletive) neck" rather than his shoulder.

"Just stab the m----- f----- in the heart," Helm spews in another grotesque and hateful remark.

McConnell's campaign posted the video to show radical Leftists as they are: Deranged, vicious and violent.

+  +  Snowflakes at Twitter

But it was all too much for the snowflakes at Twitter--the ones with their fingers on the delete button.

Twitter locked the Team Mitch account because it contains violent threats against McConnell. And yet Twitter didn't stop #MassacreMitch—a handle now trending on Twitter.

One #MassacreMitch post shows an x-ray image of a bullet wound to an upper arm with this comment from a McConnell hater: "Dear #MassacreMitch: Consider yourself lucky. It could've been lot worse."

Somehow, that’s OK at Twitter. Which is why McConnell's campaign manager, Kevin Golden, unloaded on the giant tech firm:

"This is a problem with the speech police in America today. Twitter will allow the words of 'Massacre Mitch' to trend nationally on their platform, but locks our account for posting actual threats against us."

McConnell's campaign appealed Twitter's censorship but it won't unlock McConnell’s account until the video is deleted. And that's final.

+  +  Big Tech threatens American democracy

As outrageous as all this is, it’s just one instance of Big Tech’s bias. There are many more.

Big Tech is now so powerful and overtly biased that it threatens American democracy.

Based on his ground-breaking research, Dr. Robert Epstein told a Senate hearing in July that America's "Silicon Censors"—giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google—could "shift 15 million voters" to their favored candidate in 2020!

That's why you and I must act now. Especially with a historic presidential election in less than 18 months.

I'm asking you to make your voice heard! Join me in sending a pre-written fax demanding that Congress rein in Big Tech's unchecked power to silence your voice and mine.

+  +  You and I must act now!

Here’s why NOW is the time to act against the vast power of Big Tech to manipulate public opinion... 

Citing his research, Epstein—the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today—told senators in July that Google's "biased search results . . . gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton" in 2016. But, he added, the actual number could have been "as high as 10.4 million."

And that's just a taste of what's in store in 2020 . . . unless you and I act.

"In 2020," Epstein added, "you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out." He projects the Silicon Censors could deliver 15 million votes to their preferred candidate.

As one highly-placed Google executive told an undercover Project Veritas investigator on hidden camera, the tech giant intends to "prevent" the next "Trump situation."

The threat is so grave, Epstein insisted, that "democracy as originally conceived cannot survive Big Tech as currently empowered."

+  +  Send a message to Congress—including Mitch McConnell

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Thank you for your heart of patriotism and love for liberty!

For true liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. If Twitter doesn't hesitate to silence Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, what's to stop it from robbing the free speech of every other American, too? Please join me in standing up to Big Tech today. Together, let's stop the Silicon Censors. Send your fax now!