Google Swayed at Least 2.6 Million Votes to Hillary

Jul 23, 2019

You won't believe what I'm about to share with you. It's hair-raising and highlights the existential threat to your freedom and mine posed by "Big Tech" firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter. That's why you and I must act—especially with a pivotal presidential election in less than 18 months.

Make your voice heard. Demand that Congress act to rein in the incredible power wielded by "Silicon Censors" to silence your voice and mine. And, as you'll also see, to dramatically manipulate elections as well. See below and make your voice heard now! -Mat.

Big Media mocked and dismissed President Donald Trump's social media summit two weeks ago. The White House gathered conservative experts to expose the "terrible bias," in the President's words, of the "Silicon Censors" — Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Together, the three social media titans suppress and censor pro-life and pro-family speech online. But that’s a myth, say Big Media . . .

  • "There is no good evidence that social-media companies are capriciously censoring conservatives." —New Yorker
  • "Trump has not provided evidence for his allegations that the tech companies seek to undermine Republicans or U.S. elections." —Washington Post

Well, last week, the evidence arrived — and from a proud liberal, a man who voted for Hillary Clinton. But someone who loves America, democracy and fair elections more than any candidate or political party.

What he shared with the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution is staggering. It shows why you and I must act NOW to call on Congress to rein in the vast and unchecked power of our nation's "Silicon Censors."

As I'm about to share, our survival as a free nation is at risk. And that’s why I’m asking you now to join me in sending a strong and urgent message to Congress. It is time for Congress to act. You can do that right now using Liberty Counsel’s Fax Congress Service. Please act right away!

+ + Big Tech censorship is real!

Dr. Robert Epstein, a research psychologist for 40 years who has his Ph.D. from Harvard, testified on the subject of "Google's threat to democracy."

He made it clear you and I are not just imagining Big Tech censorship. Based on his six years of research, Dr. Epstein has concluded that Google "displays content to the American public that is biased in favor of one political party."

Hint: That party is not the GOP!

The former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, Epstein told senators he's been focused since 2012 on Google's . . .

"power to suppress content . . . the massive surveillance the company conducts, and also on the company's unprecedented ability to manipulate the thoughts and behavior of more than 2.5 billion people worldwide."

Then Dr. Epstein made this astonishing charge:

"In 2016, biased search results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton."

Later, when questioned by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Epstein made my jaw drop again.

That 2.6 million votes swayed is just a "rock-bottom minimum." The actual number of votes Google gave to Hillary could have been "as high as 10.4 million—depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I've been studying. . . ."

+ + Up to 4.6 million votes swayed in 2018

But it gets worse. According to Epstein . . .

  • In 2018, Google's "Go Vote" reminder on Election Day "gave one political party between 800,000 and 4.6 million more votes than it gave the other party."
  • "In the weeks leading up to the 2018 election, bias in Google's search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2 million votes."

But Big Tech, with Google leading the way, is just getting started.

"In 2020," Epstein added, "you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out." If Big Tech firms get behind one candidate, he warned, “they will have the power to shift 15 million votes to that candidate."

As one highly placed Google executive told a Project Veritas investigator on hidden camera, the tech giant intends to "prevent" the next "Trump situation."

President Trump is right. There is "terrible" social media bias. And if our nation is to remain free and democratic, Big Tech must be reined in. Because of its extraordinary and unchecked power, it is an existential threat to the future of freedom in our nation.

The threat is so grave, Epstein insisted, that “democracy as originally conceived cannot survive Big Tech as currently empowered."

+ + You and I must act now!

You and I can and must act now to rein in Big Tech. I'm encouraged that some members of Congress are looking with great urgency at this problem of online censorship and invisible political influence.

But with the 2020 election coming, time is very short. Will you join me and many others in sending a strong and forceful message to key members of Congress today?

Take advantage of Liberty Counsel’s Fax Congress service now to make your voice heard. Our survival as a free nation is at risk. Our ability to speak freely online is very much under assault.

And that’s why I’m asking you now to join me in sending a strong and urgent message to Congress. It is time for Congress to act. Speak out now using Liberty Counsel’s Fax Congress Service. Please act right away!

Please let me hear from you right away!

For true liberty,

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel

P.S. I'm astonished at the extreme power wielded by Big Tech to redirect the political life of our nation—to steal elections and to subvert liberty! Don't let them continue doing it! Act now to make your voice heard in Congress! Thank you!