Breakthrough--Because of You...

Jun 28, 2019

I’m sending you this victory report to say thanks—and to showcase the impact YOU make, when you give to support Liberty Counsel’s vital mission!

Right now, with two days left in June, we’re running behind in our drive to raise 20,000 dollars above our monthly budget by midnight on June 30.

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Concerned parents in Pennsylvania contacted Liberty Counsel after their repeated requests to review a grade school sex ed curriculum went unmet.

Instead of gaining access, the parents encountered stonewalling. And that violated their parental rights.

"We asked to see the curriculum and were denied," one parent wrote. "We went to the parent meeting and were denied, we received the email from [one administrator] which was a sham. We continued to ask for the curriculum and were ignored. We reached out to [Liberty Counsel] and you intervened."

+  +  Demand letter sheds light, applies heat...

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to the State College Area School District on May 30. We reminded the District that Pennsylvania law recognizes that parents have the right to get their children excused from “specific instruction that conflicts with their religious beliefs..."

But for that right to be meaningfully exercised, we informed district officials, parents must have the opportunity to inspect all curriculum materials, not just summaries or censored slide presentations.

Here's the rest of the story from the parent quoted above:

On "June 10th (40 days after our initial request and long after the students in the district were exposed to the material), we saw what has been represented as the curriculum."

It took much too long, but these parents finally gained access to inspect a sex-ed curriculum for their grade school children.

And friends like you helped make it happen!

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Thanks to friends like you, Liberty Counsel is handling hundreds of cases and legal issues in defense of life, liberty, faith and family. And your generosity helps make it possible for us to win!

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Mat Staver
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