"Mx'd" Up in Madison--HR 5 Preview

May 28, 2019

If you want to see where HR 5, the so-called "Equality Act," will take America, let me show you.

What I'm about to share reveals why it's so crucial that you and I oppose HR 5. And why your generous support now to overcome a budget shortfall in May is so needed. To donate, please CLICK HERE NOW. Thank you!

In Madison, Wisconsin, an elementary school teacher formerly known as Mark "Vince" Busenbark made a startling "transgender coming out" video that was shown to K-5th grade children at his school two weeks ago.

Busenbark, an authority figure, told these young, innocent and highly impressionable grade schoolers he is now neither male nor female but "transgender" and/or "non-binary."

+  +  Teacher: Call me "Mx. Steel"

And he made a "request." He asked that students now call him "Mix" or "Mx. Steel" instead of "Mr. B." or "Mr. Busenbark" (or even "Mr. Steel"). He did so in order to have the children endorse his claim that he is neither wholly male, nor wholly female, but a "mix" or "non-binary."

Busenbark is effectively asking young children to endorse his sexual confusion (at best) or his sexual fetish (at worst).

And Busenbark's manipulation has already had an effect, based on a single video showing. One teacher emailed him that a kindergartner said, "I feel the same way at times" as "Mx. Steel." Another teacher said that as a result of the video, other children "just accepted" a girl's claim that "she is a boy now."

Not only that, but Busenbark prejudiced these youngsters against people who respectfully disagree with him on transgenderism. Busenbark informed the grade schoolers that such people are motivated "fear" and "hate."

This is outrageous! Busenbark has no legal authority to force students to call him "Mx.," nor to manipulate them with the idea that they must obey him or be seen as "disrespectful" or "hateful" or "not loving."

Liberty Counsel is pursuing this situation. Last Friday, we sent a detailed public records request to the Madison school district.

+ + HR 5 imposes the outrageous LGBT agenda on all schools, even parochial institutions...

But here's the thing. Busenbark will have the legal wind at his back if HR 5, the dangerous "Equality Act" becomes law.

That's because this radical law directs K-12 schools and daycare centers to force children to obey adults who show up at work one day as a man and the next day as a woman.

These children are at a highly impressionable age. When kindergarteners have seen such events in the past, many have gone home shaking and crying, worried that they could wake up with a different gender!

One more thing. There is no religious exemption to this bill. Busenbark--or someone like him--could do the exact same thing at any religious school under HR 5.

That's how extreme and revolutionary this law is. It will unleash unconstitutional chaos in America.

+  +  More than 50,000 petition signatures so far!

And that's why I'm so grateful that we have collected, so far, more than 50,000 names on a petition against HR 5. Tomorrow, we will be delivering the names of more than 50,000 people to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging him to kill this bill.

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For that reason, I invite you to sign our "Stop the Attack on Religious Liberty" petition NOW!

+  +  Fighting for Freedom in American Courtrooms

But even as we fight to expose the extreme danger posed by HR 5, Liberty Counsel's team of talented and dedicated attorneys are defending life, liberty and the family in cases across America.

Just last week we . . .

  • Filed a motion for summary judgment against abortion giant Planned Parenthood. We are asking a California federal court to dismiss the abortion chain's vindictive 15-count civil suit seeking $16 million from pro-life hero Sandra Merritt.
  • Filed a Reply Brief asking the Court of Appeals to reverse a lower court's denial of a preliminary injunction against a "buffer zone" ordinance passed by the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This "no free-speech zone" prohibits pro-life speech on 70 feet of public sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood abortion center.

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For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
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