Stand for Truth

Dec 22, 2017

Through intimidation and misinformation, pastors and other Christian leaders are often silent on important moral issues.

Liberty Counsel has been involved in significant initiatives that empower pastors and other faith leaders. Our "Silence is Not an Option" DVD and book has been provided to thousands of church leaders to empower them to exchange their muzzles for megaphones and exercise their right and duty to speak biblical truth.

Radical anti-God leftists are livid and will be targeting Christians now more than ever.

In one outrageous example, Liberty Counsel represents a Massachusetts pastor sued in federal court by a radical group alleging that he committed “crimes against humanity” (akin to genocide and war crimes) in violation of “international law.” But his alleged “crime” is simply sharing his biblical views on homosexuality during trips to Uganda in 2002 and 2009.

Radical leftist billionaire George Soros is bankrolling this case … and perhaps your pastor or congregation will be the next target! We must stand ready to help, as we have stood with many others this year.

You will share in next year’s God-given victories when you prayerfully support this ministry. Will you consider giving your best possible gift? There is never a better time, because a generous donor has given "matching money" that will double your gift! Turn $10,000 into $20,000; $5,000 into $10,000; $250 into $500; or $5 into $10 - any amount will help. 

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