Fewer Pro-life Health Insurance Plans in 2020

Dec 5, 2019

Americans will have fewer individual health insurance plans with pro-life options in 2020 since there is an increase of those under ObamaCare providing abortion-only plans. 

ObamaCare allows health insurance plans purchased with federal subsidies to cover elective abortion. Even though polling shows that 60 percent of Americans, including 40 percent of those who identify as pro-abortion, oppose the use of their tax dollars to fund abortion, the percentage of total plans covering elective abortion rose six percent from 65 percent of plans (650) in 2019 to 69 percent (777) of plans in 2020. 

In eight states--Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Vermont, Illinois, Maine, and the District of Columbia--100 percent of individual health insurance plans offered on state exchanges under ObamaCare for the 2020 enrollment period have elective abortion coverage. Of all individual exchange plans in the 24 states and D.C. that allow abortion coverage, an estimated 777 plans cover elective abortion.

Since open enrollment began on November 1, Family Research Council and the Charlotte Lozier Institute joined forces for the sixth year to bring transparency to ObamaCare by providing consumers with information about which plans on the 2020 exchanges cover elective abortion. A fact sheet for 2020 is available online at Obamacareabortion.com, along with an interactive map. 

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