A New Day for America

Nov 9, 2016

ORLANDO, FL – Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel’s Founder and Chairman, issued the following statement: “Today is a new day for America. Our prayers were answered. We have been spared from certain disaster. But we cannot rest. Now is the time to heal and rebuild the foundations that has made America great. The pollsters were wrong. The people won.”

“Over the past two terms of President Obama, America has become more divided. It is time to heal our wounds and come together as the United States of America, one nation under God. Judeo-Christian values brought this country together at the beginning. Over time, what George Washington feared about the foundations of religion and morality being destroyed came to pass, and America’s shining light began to flicker. We need to return to the core values that made America great. What made America great was an open acknowledgement that there is a God who created us in His image and infused every human being with certain unalienable rights. These include, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is time to protect the right to life and human dignity for every person, including the child in the womb. It is time to unleash individual creativity and unlimited possibilities. It is time to repent for our sins and failures and to call upon God for renewal and blessings.”

“Obama will soon be gone. The damage he inflicted on America will have to be repaired. The Clintons are gone. Hillary and Bill will not be in the White House, but may end up in the Big House. The Bush dynasty has run its course and revealed they are part of the problem.”

“The Democratic Party is beyond repair. The Republican Party platform is the best in the history of the party, but there are elected career politicians that do not agree with the platform and need to be replaced. People are tired of politicians and want principled leaders.”

“The judiciary is broken, beginning with the United States Supreme Court. That needs to be fixed with justices and judges who respect the rule of law and who will put aside their personal ideology. It is time the Supreme Court take its rightful place in our system of government as the weakest branch. We, the People, need to regain our place in this representative government.”

“WikiLeaks has revealed very disturbing information that shows there is more corruption in America than we feared. The best antidote to corruption is a moral people whose morals and values are grounded in God of our Founders.”

“The culture has been in a free fall for decades and the past seven and a half years have accelerated the decline of America. Politicians have become drunk with power. The media has lost its moral compass and can no longer be trusted. As George Washington said, ‘Religion and morality are the twin pillars that hold up the Republic.’ Without Judeo-Christian faith and values, America will devolve into chaos. It is time for a new revolution of faith and values. Today is the day that we begin to rebuild America.”

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