Liberty Counsel Advising US Freedom Flyers

Oct 25, 2021

ORLANDO, FL – Since Joe Biden announced a “plan” to illegally force COVID shots on unwilling recipients, a large and growing group of approximately 35,000 transportation industry employees, US Freedom Flyers, “have come together to fight federal and state mandates which aim to strip Citizens of their right to medical freedom.” 

US Freedom Flyers currently includes employees of all travel and transportation-affiliated industries, including pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, dispatchers, gate agents, and rampers. There are employees of 26 airlines, including five airlines -- Allegiant, Omni Air Cargo, American Airlines, Jet Blue and Alaska Airlines -- that currently have shot mandates. Amtrack, Boeing and Lockheed Martin are also some of the companies included in this organization. 

Liberty Counsel is providing consultation to US Freedom Flyers to inform its members of their legal rights under the federal Emergency Use Authorization law, Title VII, and other applicable state and federal laws. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued guidance in February which identifies certain limitations for the holders of FAA airmen medical certificates or medical clearances who receive either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The Office of Aerospace Medicine (AAM) has stated that those individuals receiving either Pfizer or Moderna must be placed on a 48-hour “no fly/no safety-related duty” hold upon receiving each dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. The AAM will monitor patient responses to each dose and may adjust the FAA's policy as necessary to ensure aviation safety.

In the letter of agreement between United Airlines and the pilots regarding COVID vaccinations, it admits that pilots could become disabled from the injections: “If a pilot suffers a medically-documented adverse reaction to COVID vaccination that prevents the pilot from exercising the privileges of a First Class Medical Certificate, the Company shall provide Company-paid drops (PDCP) until such time as the Pilot is able to exercise the privileges of a First Class Medical Certificate. Such period shall not exceed ninety (90) days.” The LOA goes on to say that if the pilot’s disability exceeds ninety (90) days, the pilot can file for long-term disability. 

Pilots at American Airlines and Southwest are apparently being warned to keep the mandate issues out of the cockpit due to potential flight safety concerns. The Allied Pilots Association, which represents American Airlines 14,000 pilots, sent a memo to members about an increase in distractions due to looming deadlines to get vaccinated and sharply divided views on the topic. 

When boarding an Alaska Air flight, passengers at the boarding gate see a pop-up sign that says: 




Travelers wearing a mask have a .003% or 


of being exposed to the virus, 

even on a full aircraft 

according to a recent Department of Defense study 

Air travel is the safest mode of 

Transportation thanks to. . . 




The Department of Defense study was done in conjunction with United Airlines. It is hypocritical for United Airlines to now demand their employees to get the shots when the company was part of the study that concluded the risk of exposure was .003%, or NEAR-ZERO CHANCE. Regarding the Clean Air Exchange, the Alaska Air sign states this is “According to researchers at Harvard.”  

In light of the above, why force employees to inject their bodies with the COVID shots? 

The accommodation these employees are requesting is an exemption from the COVID-19 shots. Past history is prologue in this respect, as (1) employers have been providing such accommodation ever since the first COVID-19 shot was available to the public in December 2020, (2) all phases of the airline and transportation sectors have been working through the pandemic up to the present, even during the peak of COVID-19 without the shots; (3) the Delta variant has been in the United States for months and employees continued to work through the present without the COVID-19 shots; (4) transportation employers have implemented measures to protect the health and safety of its employees and passengers by requiring PPE, with many upgrading air filtration systems, without mandating the COVID-19 shots; (5) nothing has changed except the recent mandate; and (6) therefore, months of history during COVID-19, with the Delta variant, during which COVID-19 shots were available, combined with the health and safety measures such as PPE, social distancing, sanitization, and upgraded air filtration, are reasonable accommodations that permitted these employers and their employees to operate. The accommodation request is to continue to permit employees to work in the same manner without diminution as they have done for many months. 

Liberty Counsel recently filed a class action lawsuit against Joseph R. Biden, U.S. Secretary of the Department of Defense Lloyd Austin and U.S. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on behalf of members from all five branches of the military -- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard -- federal employees and federal civilian contractors, who have been unlawfully mandated to get the COVID shots or face dishonorable discharge from the military or termination from employment. 

Several transportation companies represented by US Freedom Flyers are claiming to be federal contactors and therefore bound by Biden’s mandate. However, Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit covers them. 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Liberty Counsel is honored to help US Freedom Flyers in their fight against theses unlawful mandates. No one should be forced to inject the COVID shots in their bodies against their will. It is wrong to violate the fundamental right to free and informed consent and bully people into compliance. If the mandates do not end, we will face a transportation crisis that will cripple travel and transportation of goods. The national impact will touch every aspect of our lives, including food, goods, medicines, supplies, and more. These insane mandates must end.” 

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