Obama Judges Order Abortion for Illegal Mother’s Baby

Oct 26, 2017

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled Tuesday that the Trump administration cannot prevent an undocumented illegal immigrant teenager under federal custody in Texas from immediately having an abortion at taxpayer expense. This reverses a ruling issued last week by a three-judge panel that blocked the 17-year-old “Jane Doe,” who crossed the border from Mexico, from getting the procedure right away.

On Tuesday, the Court of Appeals ruled 6-3 to reinstate a Oct. 18 district court decision from Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan that Jane Doe, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, does not need to secure a sponsor or leave the country in order to abort her child at taxpayer expense. Chutkan’s ruling, which the Trump administration appealed, had ordered the federal government to transport Doe to her abortion appointments “promptly and without delay” or allow her to be transported by someone else. 

The six judges on the Court of Appeals were named to the court by Democratic presidents, while those dissenting were Republican nominees. Ironically, in disregard for the unborn child, Obama-appointed Judge Patricia Millett said, “Today’s decision rights a grave constitutional wrong by the government. Remember, we are talking about a child here. A child who is alone in a foreign land. A child who, after her arrival here in a search for safety and after the government took her into custody, learned that she is pregnant.”

Millett was nominated by Obama to what is considered the second highest court in the land. Her extreme pro-abortion views were well known from her writings. She said abortion is needed to free “women from historically routine conscription into maternity.” She said those who oppose forced ObamaCare contraception insurance coverage reinforce “broader patterns of discrimination against women as a class of presumptive breeders.” In a 2011 paper entitled “Against the New Maternalism,” Millett said by celebrating motherhood society is creating a “self-fulfilling cycle of discrimination.” Millett has also criticized ultrasound as “deceptive images of fetus-as-autonomous-being that the anti-choice movement has popularized since the advent of amniocentesis.”

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