Study Confirms Benefits of Pregnancy Centers

Sep 10, 2018

Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers are not only providing services which save the lives of unborn babies and women, but they are also saving communities millions of dollars each year, according to a recent report.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute released an 80-page report last week detailing that pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation provided free services last year to two million people and saved communities $161 million. The “A Half Century of Hope, A Legacy of Life and Love“ study was conducted by institute researchers who analyzed the impact of 2,600 of the estimated 2,750 centers in the U.S. in 2017.

Services “including pregnancy tests, options consultation, sexual risk avoidance education, parenting and prenatal education, ultrasound and medical services, community referrals, and material support” were offered to women, youth, and men. The study also found that 400,100 free ultrasounds were administered, registered nurses and medical sonographers contributed 400,100 hours of free services last year and 679,600 free pregnancy tests were given out last year. Approximately 67,400 people volunteered at pregnancy centers and 7,500 medical professionals offered their time and skills to conduct services for free. The pregnancy centers also reported having seen around 24,000 clients for after-abortion support and saw over one million students attend community-based sexual risk avoidance education presentations.


The study states, “Recognized as one of the greatest volunteer-based movements in history, pregnancy centers hand down a legacy of love to protect unborn children as well as assist women and men facing some of the most difficult situations life has to offer. Pregnancy centers have grown into a global movement and remain ‘a testimony to love in action.’ This report highlights the tremendous service contributions of pregnancy centers, several of the incredible life stories in which they have played a significant role, the numerous ways in which centers enhance maternal, women’s, and child health, and their massive contributions to family and community well-being in the United States.”

Liberty Counsel’s case Mountain Right to Life v. Becerra, was sent back from the U.S. Supreme Court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, after the High Court ruled in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra that crisis pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote abortions. Liberty Counsel is now awaiting further action after the Supreme Court sent the case back from Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In this case, Liberty Counsel represents three pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in Southern California that were forced to promote abortion as a result of the California Reproductive FACT Act. This law forces pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to endorse the government language promoting the abortion message on their front door, in their waiting room, and in every advertisement for the crisis pregnancy center, in 48-point font and in up to 13 languages.

One of Liberty Counsel’s clients, the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center in San Bernardino, receives no grants or government money, but their donors are individuals, churches and businesses. This one center alone has 300 appointments and 125 unique clients each month. Flanked by two abortion facilities, the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center is helping to save hundreds of babies every month.

For example, when *Maria (name changed) came to them, she was determined to have an abortion. Yet, after repeatedly visiting the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center for several months, she finally came in one day and said, “OK, I’ve decided to not abort. What do I do?” With the help of the center’s staff, *Maria now has a beautiful little girl whose name means, “light of hope,” and this child’s life is bringing extended family from Mexico together to spend time with her. 

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