Kavanaugh Hearing Begins Today

Sep 4, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The hearing for SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh begins today and is expected to last for several days as the confirmation process moves to the next phase. The Supreme Court begins its next term October 1, 2018. There will be testimonies by associates who know Judge Kavanaugh, outside legal experts, and the American Bar Association.

The confirmation committee has received more records from Judge Kavanaugh than any other nominee in history, including documents from his work as a White House lawyer and work for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The committee also received hundreds of thousands of additional pages of Executive Branch documents in addition to the 307 cases in which Judge Kavanaugh wrote an opinion as an appeals court judge, the hundreds more opinions he joined, and the more than 17,500 pages of material he provided in response to the committee’s bipartisan questionnaire. 

Kavanaugh's former colleagues at the Kirkland & Ellis law firm sent a letter to the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging his confirmation by the Senate. “We saw first-hand that he consistently displayed a keen intellect, sound judgment, exceptional analytical ability, and the highest level of integrity in representing our clients,” Kavanaugh’s former colleagues wrote.

Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy is clearly set forth in a speech he gave during Constitution Week in September 2017. He believes that words have meaning and that courts should interpret the law, not make it.

“I am looking forward to the final confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. “We need more justices on the High Court who understand that a judge must interpret the law, not make the law. In essence, that is Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy,” said Staver.

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