Computer Security Company “Unblocks” Liberty Counsel

Jul 25, 2017

Norton Security Software, the anti-virus software company owned by Symantec that blocked users from the Liberty Counsel website stating it contains “hate” content, has now backed down. Norton acted in response to Liberty Counsel’s letter demanding an immediate review and reversal of the “hate” classification which blocked users from the website (

Norton “Support” lists various website categories and defines “hate” as “websites that advocate hostility or aggression toward an individual or group on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, or other involuntary characteristics and sites that denigrate others or justify inequality on the basis of those characteristics.” However, Liberty Counsel does not advocate hostility or aggression toward anyone and does not justify inequality on any of the categories.

As soon as Liberty Counsel learned that its website was blocked by Norton, a demand letter was sent to unblock the site because it does not contain hate. Norton unblocked the site and reviewed its content. Yesterday, Liberty Counsel received a written response that Norton’s review concluded the site does not promote hate and should not be blocked.

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