SPLC’s Hypocritical Labels

Apr 4, 2019

ORLANDO, FL -- The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) board of directors recently appointed an attorney to lead a review regarding the ongoing sexual harassment and racial discrimination inside their organization, while hypocritically labeling Christian, pro-family, and conservative nonviolent groups, such as Liberty Counsel, as “hate groups.” 

In contrast to the SPLC, women are the majority and lead most departments at Liberty Counsel, and there is a high minority representation among the staff. In fact, 40 percent of the attorneys are female, and 60 percent of the departments are led by women. The president is a woman, and a female attorney leads a major litigation project. Also, 31 percent of the staff are of ethnicities including Hispanic, African-American, Asian and Lebanese.

Founder and Chairman Mat Staver is chief counsel and a member of the executive board of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the largest Hispanic evangelical organization in America. Staver is also a chair of Salt and Light Council, which hosts Content of Character Series events for black pastors. 

“It is hypocritical that the SPLC discriminates against women and ethnic minorities but calls Liberty Counsel a ‘hate group,’” said Mat Staver. “Unlike the SPLC, we don’t need a law or an outside investigator to tell us how to treat women and people of diverse ethnic and racial minorities. Our Christian values inform us that all people are made in the image of God. Jesus gave His life for all people. We are part of one race - the human race,” said Staver.

More than 60 nonprofit leaders released an open letter this week to the media, urging news outlets to stop relying on the SPLC “hate group” labels. The letter calls for a politically-neutral investigation of the SPLC and the release of pertinent documents to the public. The “SPLC has lost all credibility. We call on all media, corporations, social media companies, and financial institutions to immediately stop relying on their discredited and partisan ‘hate’ and ‘extremist’ lists,” the letter reads.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) also sent a letter to the IRS, encouraging an investigation into whether or not the SPLC should lose its tax-exempt status for its fundraising based on “defamation.”

SPLC’s board of directors recently appointed Karen Baynes-Dunning as interim president and CEO. She resigned from the board to start her new position immediately. SPLC said naming Baynes-Dunning as interim president “is a critical step” in helping the organization move forward.

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