Read the Testimony of the Partial Birth Abortion Hearings

Apr 1, 2004

On Monday three separate federal court hearings began regarding a challenge to the federal law banning the barbaric procedure known as Partial Birth Abortion. The hearings are being conducted in San Francisco, Nebraska and New York. Liberty Counsel is pleased to provide you with up-to-date transcripts of the actual arguments and testimony. 

Same-Sex Marriage Cases Continue

As of today, Liberty Counsel is currently defending marriage in nine separate cases in six states (CA, FL, NY, OR, WA, WV). Our legal team is working on filing three cases, some of which are in one of these states and some are new states. Since the mid-1970s, courts in 16 states plus the District of Columbia have ruled against same-sex marriage (AL, AK, AZ, CO, CT, D.C., GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, NY, NJ, OH, VT and WA), and three of these occurred in the last year (AZ, IN and NJ). There are over 40 states that declare marriage is between one man and one woman and thirty-eight of these, plus the federal government, have passed such laws since 1996. No state has legalized same-sex marriage.

Mat Staver to Release Same-Sex Marriage Book Sept. 1, 2004

Yesterday I finished a draft of a book scheduled to be released by Broadman & Holman Publishers on September 1. The name of the book is "Same-Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk." We are now fine-tuning the book. The book addresses the frequent questions raised about same-sex marriage, such as "How will same-sex marriage harm marriage", "Should the state get out of the marriage business," and "Do we need a federal marriage amendment", just to name a few of the topics. The next edition of the National Liberty Journal will run an article regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment that I extracted and modified from the book.

New Conference for Pastors and Attorneys

Liberty Counsel's Center for Constitutional Litigation and Policy in conjunction with Liberty University School of Law will host two conferences addressing biblical worldview, religious liberty, and same-sex marriage. The Pastors' conference will occur on October 6, 2004, during the afternoon of The Super Conference in Lynchburg, VA. The Attorneys' conference will provide CLE credits and will run from the evening of October 7 to the afternoon of October 9, at the law school in Lynchburg.