Kentucky Law Bolsters Religious Freedom in Public Schools

Mar 20, 2017

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed SB-17 into law, which protects the constitutional rights of individual students to express their religious views without fear of punishment. It allows religious groups the same access to the public school as secular groups. The law protects schools that enrich their students with programs and plays that provide a deeper understanding of our cultural and religious heritage. It also protects teachers who include the Bible in historical and cultural discussions.

Learn more about the law in our press release summary.

Snoopy and the gangThis law was in response to a Kentucky school that cut the Bible verse Luke 2:11 out of the movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas, because of fear it might cause the school to be sued. The verse states, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." The law became referred to as the "Charlie Brown law."

The school should have never censored the Scripture verse in a Christmas program. This new law does not create new rights but rather it clarifies in one place the religious freedom rights that already exist. We congratulate Kentucky for this victory for their freedom.