Town Settles Lawsuit Over Zoning Code That Prohibited Churches On Less Than Five Acres of Property In Every Zoning District Within the Town

Mar 18, 2004

Brighton Township, Pennsylvania - Beaver Assembly of God settled a federal lawsuit against Brighton Township, Pennsylvania, that was brought after the Church was denied the right to build on its property because the property was less than five acres. Beaver Assembly of God is represented by Liberty Counsel.

Beaver Assembly owns 3.2 acres of property within the Brighton Township, but the Township refused to allow the Church to build on its own property because the new zoning law required a five-acre minimum lot for "Places of Worship". Although the Zoning Code placed this burden on churches, it did not place a similar burden on other public assembly uses. The settlement now allows Beaver Assembly to construct a new addition to its buildings without being subjected to the five-acre lot size requirement.

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