Left-wing Groups Attempt Censorship of UN Delegation

Mar 17, 2017

Lisa Correnti of the Center for Family and Human Rights and Grace Melton of the Heritage Foundation were appointed to the United States delegation for the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. Then the radical "LGBTQ" groups sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding they be removed because they do not support the extreme "LGBTQ" agenda. Incredibly, the Human Rights Campaign relies upon the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which recklessly labels any group that does not toe the LGBTQ line as a "hate group."

The SPLC has been warned about its false, defamatory, and dangerous labeling of people and groups as haters or hate groups merely because it disagrees with them over marriage or LGBTQ issues. In 2012, Floyd Corkins attempted to commit mass murder of staff with the Family Research Council. Corkins confessed on a chilling video that he was motivated by the SPLC’s website and its so-called "hate map."

The Center for Family and Human Rights and the Heritage Foundation are not hate groups. These organizations are both mainstream and thoughtful. Unlike the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Human Rights Campaign, they do not demean people with whom they disagree. C-Fam and the Heritage Foundation will come to the table genuinely seeking the best for women across the world. 

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