“Equality Act” is Bad for Women

Mar 12, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – HR 5 (now S 393) in the Senate, known as the so-called “Equality Act,” is an assault on women and girls’ safety and privacy. This bill would amend many federal laws by striking the word “sex,” and inserting “sex, sexual orientation, gender identity.” This amendment erases many sex-based protections for women. The Senate version states the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for “Queer,” which includes the entire universe of about 550 paraphilias outside of LGBT – one of which is pedophilia (euphemistically called “minor attracted persons”). 

Immutable biological differences and unique attributes between sexes will become illusory because birth sex is irrelevant under this bill. Biological men who subjectively assert they “identify as a woman” will be able to use women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and showers. Men will be legally allowed to bunk with women on overnight stays at church, mission, school and athletic events, at domestic abuse shelters, or in prison cells. And biological men will be able to compete in sports for girls and women. 

The “Violence Against Women” report states that violence against women remains devastatingly pervasive and is at its worst for young women aged 15-24. Intimate partner violence is by far the most prevalent form of violence against women globally (affecting around 641 million). Six percent of women globally report being sexually assaulted by someone other than their husband or partner.

However, if the “Equality Act” is passed into law, boys and men will have access to all private facilities and rooms for women. The last thing women who have been sexually assaulted want in their restrooms, showers, locker rooms, or shelters, are men. 

Julia Beck, a self-described radical lesbian feminist and the former law and policy co-chair of Baltimore's LGBTQ Commission, has testified before the committee with a surprising revelation of truth of what will become reality if HR 5 becomes law. 

“This would eliminate women and girls as a coherent legal category worthy of civil rights protections. There is no way to tell if someone is lying about being transgender,” said Beck. 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver, “Women have a right to privacy and safety. They excel in sports. The ‘Equality Act’ will invade their privacy, undermine their safety, and hurt many of the gains women have made in sports.” 

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