Mass Murderer Praised by State’s Witness

Feb 28, 2018

BROOKLYN, NY – Mary Lou Greenberg, the director of the "escort" program for Choices Women’s Medical Center, and the state's own witness against pro-lifers, praises mass-murderer Mao Zedong in a video on C-Span. In addition to her work with the abortion clinic, Greenberg has been the long-time spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which advocates the violent overthrow of the United States. Greenberg is one of the witnesses in the crumbling lawsuit against 13 pro-life sidewalk counselors brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Greenberg testified against Liberty Counsel's client, Scott Fitchett, Jr., but retracted her statements when Liberty Counsel produced evidence that she was lying.

In the video, Greenburg says of Mao Zedong's birthday, "This is a very special day, an [sic] historic day, filled with international significance" and that her revolutionary communist friends are "marking this day in grand and festive ways." She claims that Mao’s international birthday celebrations "including our own here today in the belly of the imperialist monster, are not nostalgic looks backward. Rather… these events signify a profound advance in the international revolutionary movement." Greenburg visited China in 1971 and, "saw a new society coming into being, a flesh and blood reality… It was the reddest, most inspiring, most invigorating society on earth. When I saw it, I vowed to dedicate my life to doing all I can to bring that world into existence for all of humanity." Read the full transcript of her comments with time codes from the video on December 28, 1993. She advocates that Mao is the most significant revolutionary of all time.

But Mao Zedong was the greatest mass murderer in the 20th century. He established forced labor camps enslaving 50 million people and killing 20 million of them. During this time, some Chinese villages lost half their population to starvation caused by government mismanagement. Mao targeted intellectuals, boasting that one of his accomplishments was burying alive 46,000 scholars. His young followers would beat to death and cannibalize professors they found. In total, Mao caused the deaths of 65 million people, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Glossing over those bloody facts, Greenburg identifies as the spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which advocates a forceful bloody revolt against the United States government "at the soonest possible time." It claims to be training a "revolutionary fighting force to start the all-out fight," "utiliz[ing] equipment captured from the enemy," "and then fully, finally, rout and dismantle the remaining enemy forces." Greenberg and her party’s new "constitution," would suspend "due process" until after punishing anyone who opposed their revolution.

Advocating to overthrow or destroy the government is a felony that carries a 20-year prison sentence. However, Schneiderman has been quite willing to overlook Greenberg’s seditious speech and has been working closely with her on a crusade to prosecute peaceful Americans with pro-life values. In return, Greenberg emphatically testified under oath that she saw Scott Fitchett, Jr., step in front of a patient approaching Choices, so as to impede the woman’s access to the abortion facility. When Liberty Counsel provided a video of this supposed incident, which showed Fitchett doing nothing more than peacefully preaching the gospel, Greenberg sheepishly retreated and said, "I might have been mistaken."

"The deception, outright lies, cover-ups and sordid connections characterizing Schneiderman’s attempt to silence peaceful pro-life speech is appalling. That the state would use a revolutionary communist who advocates the violent overthrow of the United States and who lies on the stand to silence lawful speech is both shocking and an abuse of power," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Mary Lou Greenberg praises Mao Zedong who is a mass murderer responsible for killing an estimated 65 million people. No wonder why she works for this abortion clinic which kills defenseless children," said Staver.

Yesterday, Liberty Counsel reported that the abortion clinic’s security guard, Troyd Asmus, testified that he was very familiar with Fitchett’s actions and that Fitchett never took any of the actions the lawsuit claims. The guard also testified that he had informed the AG that Fitchett never behaved that way, but the AG ignored this information and filed a lawsuit anyway. 

Previously, it was uncovered that the state’s star witness had set up a fake Facebook profile account to attempt to entrap pro-life sidewalk counselors, even using someone else’s photo she took off the internet without permission for the profile account. However, when the AG’s office found out, it took no action to ensure that their investigation was not tainted by the witness’s improper actions.

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