Tribute to Alan Colmes

Feb 23, 2017

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, released the following statement in tribute to Alan Colmes:

“While Alan Colmes and I differed on almost everything, I enjoyed doing interviews with him. I wish Alan was the norm rather than the exception. While disagreeing on a wide variety of issues, he was always kind, respectful and courteous. Having done many interviews with Alan, I can say he was my favorite liberal. We could banter and disagree, but we were always respectful of one another. He was not angry and mean in his demeanor.

“A number of years ago, Liberty Counsel created a card deck containing the names of 51 liberals that listed their liberal policies on one side and asked for prayer on the other. We had 51 cards to the deck so that it was one card short of a full deck. The card deck was part of our ‘Adopt a Liberal’ campaign. That campaign included bumper stickers, including one that read, ‘Have you prayed for a liberal today?’ Before the card deck was finished, I did an interview with Alan on his radio program and he joked that he should be added to the card deck. I told him the card deck was created to remind people to pray for the people included. I added Alan Colmes to the card deck, and from that time on, the staff of Liberty Counsel frequently prayed for Alan. I will miss Alan. He understood humor and he respected people. He never demonized those with whom he disagreed. Alan was a breath of fresh air in what has become a toxic environment where those who disagree with you, do not respect human dignity. Rest in Peace, Alan Colmes.”