The COVID Shot Broke the Golden Rule of Pregnancy, The Cost Was Unborn Lives

Oct 21, 2022

There’s not much debate over it: The pressure to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has been felt by much of the world’s population—including pregnant women. While many a mom-to-be was convinced that getting “vaccinated” was a wise decision both for her and her unborn child, recent studies of COVID-vaccinated pregnant women indicate increases in miscarriages and stillborn deaths.  

But how were they supposed to know taking the shot posed risks to be taken seriously? National public health authorities like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) repeatedly reassured pregnant women that they could—and should—take the COVID-19 mRNA shots. The CDC repeatedly asserted that not only would mothers be safe, but their babies would be too.

This same health authority tells all of us that COVID-19 vaccines have “gone through the same strict development studies that all vaccines go through to ensure they are safe,” all the while circumnavigating the usual 7-10 years of rigorous research before receiving final U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval.  

Stop and think about that. There were, and are, no long-term studies anchoring a true risk assessment for pregnant women, yet the CDC recommended the shot for them. We are now forced to learn what the long-term ramifications are on fertility, pregnancy, lactation and the preborn after millions of women volunteered for the global trial by rolling up their sleeves and getting jabbed.

More Miscarriages and Violating the Golden Rule of Pregnancy

Dr. James Thorp, a practicing OB-GYN for 42 years, maternal fetal medicine specialist and clinical researcher, said on the Facts Matter Epoch TV show: “As obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine specialists [we] have always been guided by that principle … the golden rule of pregnancy, you never ever use an investigational drug, a new substance, a new drug, a new vaccine, even if there is a potential benefit. You don’t ever use a new substance in pregnancy so [medical associations] have broken all the rules.”

A CDC-sponsored study that was widely used to support the idea that the vaccines were safe in pregnancy misreported data. A pair of New Zealand Ph.D.'s, Aleisha Brock and Simon Thornley, pointed out the misleading analysis of the research. They called into question the influential CDC-sponsored article by Shimabukuro, et al. (2021) used to support the idea of COVID shots being safe for the preborn by presenting “falsely reassuring statistics related to the risk of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy, since the majority of women in the calculation were exposed to the mRNA product after the outcome period was defined (20 weeks’ gestation).”

When Brock and Thornley recalculated the risk of spontaneous miscarriage early in pregnancy before 20 weeks’ gestation, they found that “our re-analysis indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion 7 to 8 times higher than the original authors’ results (p < 0.001).”  

As of Oct. 7, 2022, Open VAERS reported 5,095 miscarriages attributed to the COVID vaccines, whereas the combined fetal death reports for all other vaccines reported to VAERS in the last 30 years is 2,239. In other words, in less than two years since the COVID vaccine rollout, reported COVID vaccine-related miscarriages have more than twice surpassed the sum of all reported vaccine-induced miscarriages over the course of the last 30 years.  

What about Still Births Post Vax?

Consider two accounts from America’s northern neighbor. Within days of pregnant women in Canada receiving COVID shots, they experienced alarming rates of miscarriage and stillbirth.  

In late 2021, at Lions Gate Hospital, which describes itself as “the fourth busiest hospital in Vancouver,” British Columbia, reported a 1,400% increase in stillbirths. They delivered 13 stillborn babies in a 24-hour period, and all their mothers had received the COVID jab. Health officials in Canada quickly walked back this report, calling it fake news and claiming it was misinformation from birth doulas and an outspoken doctor.

Dr. Daniel Nagase said in an interview that he also reported that in Waterloo, Ontario, 86 babies were stillborn over the course of six months, from January 2021 to July 2021, after their mothers received the COVID jab. According to Nagase, five or six stillborn deaths per year is the norm. Outraged Canadian health officials denied both the Vancouver and Waterloo claims and deemed this stillbirth data false.

Elsewhere, Israel reported high rates of miscarriage. Data from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from Haifa’s Rambam Health Care Campus, “a 1000-bed world-class teaching hospital,” shows a disturbing trend in miscarriages and stillbirths. The miscarriage rate jumped 21% from 2020 to 2021, and then from March 2021-October 2021, stillbirths and miscarriage rates were higher every month in vaccinated women compared to the unvaccinated women.  

Promises Made But Not Kept

The CDC and FDA, along with Pfizer and Moderna, all promised the public the “warp-speed” vaccines were safe, even for pregnant women and their unborn babies, a group traditionally protected from having to take experimental or new drugs with insufficient long-term safety data. Yet, Big Pharma continues to censor, discredit and reinterpret any scientific data that contradicts their “safe and effective” narrative. There is no ignoring that experimental mRNA vaccines carry a demonstrated risk of harm to the preborn.

“We never, ever give experimental medicines to pregnant women,” said former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon at a “Stop the Shot Conference” hosted by LifeSite News. “You never, ever give inadequately tested medicines, medicinal products, to a pregnant woman. And that is exactly what is happening. Our government is urging pregnant women, and women of childbearing age, to get vaccinated. And they’re telling them they’re safe. And that’s a lie because those studies have simply not been done.” 

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