CDC Changes Definition of 'Vaccination' to Fit the Narrative

Sep 14, 2021

The CDC changed the definition of “vaccination” last week.

Hmph, wonder why. Perhaps the 35,000 breakthrough cases per week in the United States prompted this change. For the thousands of vaccinated individuals who have now come down with COVID-19, outdated definitions with words like “immunity” and “prevention” might come across disingenuous, or even downright cruel depending on the severity of the breakthrough case.

By swapping “protection” for “immunity” in the latest definition, the CDC can now justify the mRNA gene therapies being paraded around as vaccines and keep their “Get Vaccinated” PR campaigns rolling. In other words, don’t worry. While our “vaccines” don’t keep you from getting COVID, they will protect you from getting it as bad. Wait, what?

A quick lesson in history tells us that up until 2015, the CDC’s definition was congruent with what was embedded in most Americans’ psyche: Vaccines PREVENT the inoculated from getting the disease. Think polio, measles, mumps, rubella. We haven’t heard much about those breakthrough cases lately, have we? Many of us remember getting vaccinated as a “one and done” experience. Those injections contained dead or weakened infectious organisms that produced antibodies to live pathogens.

Traditional vaccines were just another check in the box at the pediatrician’s office, and most of us lived our lives never thinking about them again. However, COVID-19 is a coronavirus, closer in nature to the ones found in the common cold and flu. The kind of viruses that change, morph and mutate, therefore needing an annual shot to combat the latest strain. Get where this is going?

By changing the definition, did the CDC set us up to compliantly take shot after shot after shot when it comes to COVID-19? It’s a vaccine that’s not truly a vaccine by the traditional definition-- employing modified RNA to program our cells to make the antigen (gene therapy) -- and has no long-term studies related to safety and lasting efficacy.

Maybe it’s time to realize that protection from COVID-19 has many definitions, not just the one reimagined by the CDC.

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